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Our Guide to Kelso Races Ladies Day

Our Guide to Kelso Races Ladies Day



Listen up – we have a very important message for male readers.


Kelso Races Ladies Day is coming up on 24 May 2015 and we feel as sponsors of the Best Dressed Couple we ought to have a word in your ear. To set the scene. Paint a picture, and – well, offer a little encouragement.



Winners: Best Dressed Couple. From left, Vanessa Murray, winners Gary Dudgeon and Nicole Payne from Berwick-upon-Tweed, and Archie Hume. Picture courtesy of Stella Lanthagie Photography.




We’re one week out from the big day and from Alnwick to Aberlady ladies are plotting and planning.


Hair. Make-up. Nails. Dress. Shoes. And hat! It all takes a lot of preparation – not to mention high stakes shopping.


And let us bust a big myth here, not every woman likes shopping.


Sure, for some women it’s their sport of choice but for many it’s a Tough Mudder – an endurance race beset by obstacles.


The goal of finding a suitably flattering, affordable outfit represents the 12ft wall that must be scrambled over. The shock of no longer fitting into your regular size every bit as gruesome as an ice bath and the overwhelming sense of relief and triumph as you cross the finish line to collect, not a medal, but a bag containing a complete outfit, is euphoric and beyond the satisfaction any sport can offer.


Why then, do women do it?


Best Dressed Ladies Finalists, Kelso Races 2014

Best Dressed Ladies Finalists, Kelso Races 2014. Picture courtesy of Stella Lanthagie Photography



Well, look at these pictures from last year. You don’t get to look this good by just rolling out of bed in the morning, and out the door wearing whatever came to hand when you opened the wardrobe. You’ve got to make an effort.


Even men need to make an effort. If you don’t make an effort on Ladies Day you let the ladies down. You also let yourself down. And you let the horses down – well, maybe not the horses, but you definitely let the side down.


So this year our message for Ladies Day is #Don’tLetTheSideDown


Make an effort. Think about what you might wear. Cut a dash. Dare we say it – go shopping!


When we announce the winner of the Best Dressed Couple we want it to have been a tough choice.


To get you started here are some thoughts on what to wear…..



Rocking Race Day



Placeholder Image
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Placeholder Image



This look featuring Magee Donegal Tweed Jacket in timeless yet trendy herringbone will definitely put a smile on the Ladies’ faces.


If however, in the event it doesn’t put a smile on your face or rock your race day boat– don’t despair – get yourself down to one of our shops to see Rob, Archie or one of the Chris’s – they’ll get you sorted.


Best of luck, have fun hitting the fizz and remember #DontLetTheSideDown


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