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Kelso Races Ladies Day

Kelso Races Ladies Day


Judging Best Dressed Is Not As Easy As It Looks


It is such a blessing when the sun shines. Especially after the spring we’ve had. Especially for Ladies in their frocks, hats and heels.


And shine it did for the many hundreds of Ladies eagerly waiting for their goody bags as they entered Kelso Races’ Ladies Day on Saturday 25th May. And for Archie Hume, Vanessa Murray (A Hume Ladieswear Buyer) and Dr Sarah Millar (Kelso GP, Gal about town and wife of A Hume model, GP & chauffer, James Millar, also our photographer of the day), who were at the event to trot out their fancy togs and judge the Best Dressed Lady and Best Dressed Couple – an event sponsored by A Hume with the support of Magee of Ireland.


kelso ladies day 2013 5

Judging Best Dressed on Ladies Day is not as easy as looks – honest.
From left: Vanessa Murray, Archie Hume and Anna Lamotte.


Judging a Best Dressed Lady is not as easy as it might sound, there are associated social risks. Consider this: our Judges were required to mingle among the crowds, sizing up the Ladies, making casual enquiries about their outfits and pinning rosettes to their chests. Fine for Vanessa and Sarah but a roving eye in a man is not always appreciated, and when some strange chap gives your jacket the Hawick handshake, pressing for the feel of the yarn, well – such an approach isn’t generally guaranteed a warm reception: to say nothing of the pitfalls inherent in judging Best Dressed Couple.


ladies day 2013 1

Finalists for Best Dressed Couple. Would you automatically know who’s with whom?


First, catch your couple. Not as easy as it sounds. When you walk into a party do you automatically know who’s with who?  Well, this is exactly the dilemma Archie, Vanessa and Sarah faced in their mission to find a sartorially suitable matching pair.


On walking into a hospitality tent packed with at least a couple of hundred of race revelers Vanessa spied a potential couple talking with another lady in a quiet nook at the back. She noticed their spark, their body language and their complimentary outfits. But what if they weren’t in fact a couple? That’s like a great big social faux pas, pie in the face. There’s no coming back from there, the implication is obvious and marriages have unraveled over less.


So, being a clever sort, Vanessa approached someone peripheral to the cluster and double-checked the pair’s romantic status before making her approach. You see? This is not a job for amateurs. It takes certain finesse and we were all glad Vanessa and Sarah were there to keep Archie right.


Whilst discharging their duties our judges noticed and repeatedly remarked on the difficulty of their task. Everybody, with really no notable exceptions, had made a tremendous effort for the day. The Ladies were elegant – not a vulgar strumpet in sight – and everyone behaved impeccably. There was fun and bubbles. Laughter and cheer.


Best Dressed Lady

There were 10 finalists in this category and the winner, by unanimous decree was Norma – no one knows her surname, if you do please shout out, by email, or phone.


kelso ladies day 2013 2

Norma, Winner Best Dressed Lady. Rocking race day in her Joey D kilt outfit, great accessories, great style. If you know Norma get in touch!


Norma had been spotted early in the day. Her outfit was based around a stand out Joey D kilt skirt. Her look was so well styled without looking fussy. Her pieces complimentary without being matchy matchy, and her grace and elegance so easy. Well done Norma, hope you enjoyed your champagne and flowers.


kelso ladies 2013 3

Norma with two of her fellow finalists.


Best Dressed Couple

No surprise that our Best Dressed Couple prize went to the couple Vanessa spotted in the hospitality tent. Andrew and Jenny Linehan from Jedburgh.


Kelso Ladies day 2013 10

Andrew and Jenny Linehan, Winners Best Dressed Couple. Our Judges were touched that Andrew and Jenny held hands throughout the judging and prize giving.


Looking good together is 30% getting dressed and 70% chemistry. All our judges agreed that the winning couple deserved to win, their outfits were compatible and so clearly were they. As the photograph shows, Andrew and Jenny held hands throughout judging.


Andrew and Jenny won champagne and flowers. They plan to visit A Hume’s Kelso shop this weekend to choose their Magee of Ireland tweed jackets.  One a piece. Lucky them. Well done.


Our Judges Wore:


Vanessa Murray

Dress: Baukjen – Jersey Drape Dress in Cobalt Blue

Fascinator: LK Bennett

Shoes: LK Bennett

Earrings: Lime Blue – Edinburgh -Silver Stud Pearl

Necklace: Pearl Pendant. T.B. Mitchell of Perth. A 21st present to Vanessa from her brother.

Sunglasses: Ray Ban Jackie Ohh


Dr Sarah Miller

Dress: Fenn Wright Manson – Etienne Dress

Blazer: Whistles – Lena Double Face Jersey Jacket

Sunglasses: Ray Ban Jackie Ohh


Archie Hume

Jacket: Magee Midweight Sports –  Jacket Green Herringbone with Oxford Blue

Shirt: Arnau Blue gingham (Available in store and online by request).

Trousers: Gant New Haven Chino – Khaki Gold

Shoes: Loake Chester Shoe – Mahogany

Tie: Atkinsons Racing Silks Silk tie – Blue


Anna Lamotte accompanied Vanessa Murray, she wore:

Dress: Hobbs – Savina Dress

Hat: Vintage find from Mary’s Living & Giving Shop, Raeburn Place, Edinburgh.

Shoes: Black peep toe wedge

Bag: Hermes small purse


Thank you to Louise at Kelso Races for all her support ahead of the event and all her hospitality on the day.


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