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London Tweed Run 2012

London Tweed Run 2012




At Hume we’ve been fans of the Tweed Run since its inception in 2009. We’ve witnessed the infectious eccentricity of the Tweed Run reach pandemic levels, spawning events all round the world, from Helsinki to Sao Paulo.


Billed as a ‘Metropolitan bicycle ride with a bit of style,’ the Tweed Run is a celebration of vintage style. On 6 May 2012, 500 participants dressed splendidly in their finest tweeds, pedaled elegantly through central London on classic Dutch bikes, old school racers and even a Penny Farthing or two, converging on the Imperial War Museum for tea and scones.


London Tweed Run 2012 - Courtesy of Velo Vintage

London Tweed Run 2012 – Courtesy of Velo Vintage

According to the organisers, the event was vastly over-subscribed and places were awarded on a lottery basis. Many people travelled vast distances to partake in what is essentially a jolly jape – from Paris, Spain and Belgium.


It would appear there is a latent desire amongst a large proportion of the cycling fraternity to abandon their lycra in favour of attire more akin to cycling’s golden age. And we can only applaud their good taste and discretion.


Waxed moustaches and tweed. Worn with style - Courtesy of Velo Vintage

Waxed moustache, deerstalkers and tweed. Worn with style – Courtesy of Velo Vintage

Amongst the chaps, waxed moustaches were much in evidence, as were plus fours, plus twos and tweed cycling suits. Mercifully, there wasn’t a Dell helmet in sight – instead gentlemen wore tweed flat caps or deerstalkers.


Ladies favoured the Mrs. Simpson aesthetic resplendent in fur trim, cinch waist tweed jackets, and demure cycling skirts that flared prettily as they sped along on their sit up and beg retro steeds. Hair was pinned and curled, hats worn at a jaunty angle and lipstick resolutely matt.



We doff our finest, vintage Christy tweed cap to all who partook in this marvelous event. And thank the kind gentlemen of VeloVintage – the truly dapper Alistair and Sebastian Cope, who have allowed us to purloin their splendid visual record of the day for your assured delight.


Oh, how we sway like summer grass to the sound of the inimitable Cole Porter –who, much like tweed, is at the heart of all things spiffing.