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Made to Measure Menswear– How and Why?

Made to Measure Menswear– How and Why?


Only a tiny percentage of men ever experience the pleasure of stepping out in a made to measure suit. Yet the luxury of bespoke tailoring is more accessible than you might imagine.


The Joy of a Made to Measure Suit


A Hume Made to Measure.


There are certain luxuries in life that remain elusive for all but the super rich. I’m thinking private jets and fleets of super cars.


Thankfully there are luxuries we all allow ourselves. Take a moment to think of the most indulgent thing you’ve ever bought.


Maybe a car? Or a holiday? A watch?


Whatever it is I’m willing to bet it cost way more – by a factor of many thousands – than a made to measure suit.


Yet, ask any man if he’s ever dreamed of owning a made to measure jacket and I’m willing to bet, again –a lot of betting going on – that the answer is, Yes!


Who hasn’t dreamed of the glove like fit of a jacket tailored to your exact requirements? That doesn’t gape, bellow, pinch or pucker?


So why haven’t more men gone made to measure? And if it’s appropriate and not too personal – why haven’t you?



Why Don’t More Men do Made to Measure?


At A Hume we’ve thought hard about this question. It’s true many men believe it costs way more than it actually does to have a jacket or suit made to measure. But more than this, we reckon the low numbers are due to the mystique surrounding men’s tailoring.


A Hume Made to Measure.


There’s more than a whiff of elitism to made-to-measure, epitomised by the tailoring houses on Saville Row.


Announcing yourself as a complete novice in a gentleman’s tailor can be pretty intimidating. Perhaps men think that buying made to measure will be akin to being forced to choose a wine in front of a snooty sommelier…..


It’s not. Not a bit. Certainly not at A Hume.


Our Made to Measure team is headed by menswear expert Chris Pairman and you can expect a warm, friendly welcome and extremely knowledgeable and experienced service.


What to Expect at A Hume Made to Measure


At A Hume our made to measure men’s tailoring service covers:


  • Jackets,
  • Suits, two piece or three,
  • Kilts,
  • And trews.


We use finest quality tweeds, plaids and 100% wool cloth sourced from Lovat Mill, Hawick and Holland & Sherry, in Peebles. Both world renowned and located close to home, here in the Scottish Borders


A Hume Made to Measure


The process begins with a consultation, lasting approximately 1hr, to discuss:


  • Measurements,
  • Style,
  • Cloth and Materials.


We will take measurements and guide you through the process. You may have a clear idea of style or you may wish guidance.


After the initial fitting the tailoring is undertaken by one of the few truly bespoke tailors remaining in the UK.


Measurements – Fitting


The glove like fit of a made to measure suit, or jacket is incomparable with that of an off the peg counterpart. Everyone differs from standard measurements and no one is symmetrical.


You can expect:


  • A full set of measurements taken at initial consultation,
  • To be guided through tailoring choices and cloth selection – see below,
  • A further fitting or ‘try on’ when the jacket is pinned and adjusted to form an exact fit,
  • On collection we will ensure that your jacket fits perfectly.


Depending on availability for fittings a made-to-measure suit or jacket can be completed in 8-12 weeks.


Style – Bespoke Tailoring


Here are just some of the tailoring choices you can make with made to measure:


  • Do you want two buttons or three,
  • Coloured buttons,
  • Inside mobile phone pocket,
  • Ticket pocket,
  • A working cuff, or sham cuff,
  • A single vent, or side vents,
  • A closely tailored English Fit, or loose fit,


A word on cuffs


Most men’s jackets have sham cuffs, meaning. they don’t open. The buttons simply fulfil a decorative role.


Opting for a working cuff is one of the many bespoke tailoring options of made to measure. It is practice to leave one button open on a made to measure cuff as a subtle sign.


Cloth – Sourced from the Finest Mills


We work very closely with a world renowned local mill, Lovat Mill in Hawick. We also work with cloth merchants Holland & Sherry in Peebles and Dugdale Bros & Co., a traditional Yorkshire cloth merchant in Huddersfield.


You will be asked to look through our many sample books of the world’s finest cloths.


Choose between a range of cloths for suiting and field sports:


  • From 8 oz suiting cloth
  • Up to 22oz for sporting tweeds/shooting
  • Cashmere and wool mixes for suiting,
  • 100% wool tweeds,
  • Contemporary and traditional tweeds,
  • Pinstripe,
  • Worsted,


Lining – Colour, Pattern or Plain


Browse our many sample books, bespoke lining fabrics are hugely varied, a world map is just one of the many options. Choose between:


  • Silk,
  • Satin,
  • Synthetic,
  • Bright colours,
  • Patterns and stripes,
  • Plain and simple.


Learn more about A Hume’s Made to Measure service and before long you could be walking taller and smarter in your own tailored togs. Bespoke tailoring is more accessible than you might imagine.


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