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Menswear Winter Survival Guide

Menswear Winter Survival Guide


Wool or Fleece


Staunch wool wearers will tell you that nothing beats natural wool for warmth, breathability and endurance. Whilst fleece fanatics are equally convinced of the superior performance of insulating, lightweight, pill resistant fleece.


Truth is, there are times when wool is the better option and occasions when fleece has the edge. This winter make room in your wardrobe for both.


Colour & Pattern



Wool certainly cuts the mustard in the pattern stakes as this intricate Fair Isle, from William Lockie demonstrates. Fleece could never hope to rival the patterns and heritage of knitwear.



In even a casual half zip style wool looks smart. Fleece just can’t cut it in the style stakes in the way that wool can. Fleece is only ever going to look casual, or sporting.


Luxury Fabrics



Premium wool from cashmere goats, camel, sheep (Merino, Geelong and lambswool) and alpaca are amongst the most sought after yarns in the world. There is nothing in the technical fleece world to compare to the soft pile and absolute luxury of cashmere.





Fleece can be easily designed to interact with other garments, like this Schoffel fleece that zips neatly into the Ptarmigan Interactive Shooting Coat for additional warmth.





Fleece is machine washable, quick drying and in high quality garments anti-pilling. It maintains its insulating properties well in wet weather and can be coated with water repellant finishes.


Warmth to Weight



The high warmth to weight ratio of fleece makes it ideal for layering with other garments and for use in a sporting context when the wearer will be active.


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