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More from Pitti Uomo – Street Style

More from Pitti Uomo – Street Style


Men’s Street Style for 2013


pitti street 2

The guys from Art Comes First really had it when it came to the hats – as they say;
‘Keep your head covered and your mind open.’


The sights to be seen just walking around Pitti Uomo are almost more eye-popping than the flamboyant official displays and an appreciation of the high fashion, cutting edge feel of this event is, is impossible without a look at the Pitti Uomo street style. By that we mean the threads worn by the buyers, designers and trend makers who attend Pitti.


Men’s classic tailoring and style were big news at Pitti 2013.


Sam Lambert, previously of Ozwald Boateng, Saville Row and now Art Come First, is in large part responsible for the surge in tailoring interest. He carries with him the wisdom of his grandfather, also a tailor, who told him; ‘Son, you have to put your suit on and it has to fit you like a ring.’


‘….put your suit on and it has to fit you like a ring.’


It’s easy to admire and ogle the peacocking festival of Pitti Uomo but harder to pin down it’s relevance to everyday menswear. Will the men of the Shires be hiking their trouser hems to half-mast? Will they adopt leather wrist cuffs and an exuberant quasi-pilgrim beard? Perhaps not, but they will feel the influence of an ascendant English trend in menswear; tweeds, trim cuts and well crafted footwear are all on their way.


Top of men’s must haves – classic brogues, given a two-tone twist, and a lot more facial hair.


Witness the rise of the two-tone brogue – men’s classic shoes were making a much lauded comeback at Pitti Uomo 2013 – a show of hands for Loake and Cheaney Shoes who were flying the flag for British craftsmanship.


The English look is in the ascendancy though this chap seems to be mashing it with the Italian-immigrant-in-depression-era-Brooklyn vibe.


Take it or leave it, big bashy boots with cropped trousers were everywhere.


pitti street 4

An entirely wearable ensemble of all the key trends. Clearly he’s done – and is continuing to do – his research.


Thanks to Vanessa for her marvellous Pitti Uomo reportage.


And lastly, just for kicks we thought we’d throw in the promo video for sassy Italian label Manuel Vanni who made it on to Archie’s Hot List.