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New Hobby for a New Year #2

New Hobby for a New Year #2


Bisley at Braidwood – calling all Ladies, Young Shots & Beginners


Being a country lifestyle retailer we take a keen interest in all country sports and our ears perked up when we heard that Bisley Shooting Group had purchased the established clay grounds at Braidwood, near Selkirk.


Bisley are world leaders in their field, owners of a Europe’s largest sporting clay shooting ground within 3,000 acres of Surrey heath – a state of the art facility for Olympiads, amateurs and corporate shoots.


What would their arrival in the Scottish Borders mean? Only good things surely…..


young shots

Young shots at Bisley.


Barely a few months on and good things are already afoot at Braidwood. Significant investment has greatly increased the range of targets.


Experienced shots can now take themselves round the country’s most comprehensive automated clay layout, enjoying the highest driven pheasants, partridge, bursting grouse and the entertaining rabbit stands. And for the rifle shot there’s also a 100 metre full-bore rifle pipe set to open soon.


However perhaps the most significant change is the ethos that characterises the aspirations of Bisley at Braidwood.


Ladies Day at Bisley

Bisely at Braidwood are very keen to encourage ladies into the sport with specialist instruction and custom loaded cartridges that give less recoil.


Like A Hume, Bisley is a family owned business and Alex Roupell, who has recently taken the helm from his father, is keen to challenge the image of a sport often incorrectly perceived as dominated by competitive males. Consequently at Braidwood enormous effort has been made to attract beginners, ladies and youngsters by introducing additional facilities and tuition to catering to their specific needs.


When we spoke to Alex he was very keen to get his inclusive message across;


“We are very keen on encouraging new, inexperienced people to the sport, particularly on our Ladies and Young Shots Days (10-17yr olds), and with great tuition, a versatile layout and the beautiful backdrop of the Eildon Hills there is no better place to start.”


Young Shots Day at Bisley.

Young Shots Day at Bisley.


Browsing the website and chatting to Alex, clay shooting does sound like a great sociable way to spend the day outdoors on a beautiful country estate, with friends, family or colleagues. Throw in custom loaded cartridges that give less recoil, expert tuition from the best in the land and a day topped and tailed by delicious food and treats, and the intimidation factor fades in favour of curiosity.


In fact our in-house beginner shot, James Abbott has been persuaded to give it a go, at Alex’s invitation. We promise to report back on his progress.



As well as catering to beginners, Bisley at Braidwood offers a variety of corporate packages, including simulated game play (see the video above) and whilst it might seem extremely careless to introduce firearms to office politics, Alex assures us that a truly memorable experience awaits:


“With everything from a fantastic clay layout, to a working gunroom, repairs and restaurant there is something for everyone at Bisley and it’s a guaranteed fun day out for all.”


Further information:


Ladies Days including expert instruction, morning coffee/tea and bacon rolls, plus lunch.


Young Shots including breakfast on arrival, clays and cartridges, tuition, gun hire and all safety equipment.


Private & corporate events are fully bespoke and range from simulated game play to group shots and 150 clay days.


Email enquiries:, or tel: 01835 870280


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