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Packing for Adventure

Packing for Adventure

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Millican Outdoor and Travel Bags


Millican - Mark field bag

Mark the Field Bag living life to the full in Keswick.


When we first came across the Millican range of outdoor and travel bags we recognised immediately the quality and integrity inherent in each piece. We weren’t looking to add to our range but when you stumble across products this good, only a fool would walk on by.


Each bag is made from supple vegetable tanned leather and 100% organic cotton canvas, the type of strong, tough fabric to withstand adventures of an incessantly muddy and rugged nature. And from experience we can also testify that they’re equally durable in an urban context, able to take the weight and battering that accompanies the daily reality of lugging technology and various lifestyle necessities around.


These bags are built to last and they’re designed with a nod to the golden age of adventure, with more than a hint of ‘Boys Own’ styling that confers a certain air of worldliness.


Millican - Stewart courier bag

Stewart the Courier Bag. Each Millican bag is made with supple veg tanned leather and 100% organic cotton. Vintage styling with an eye on modern living.


A glance at the Millican range also hints at a more personal quest than a simple mission to design strong, good looking vintage style bags. Each item is named after friends of Nicky and Jorrit who also happen to be local heroes in the Lake District worlds of climbing, writing, art and travel. Every bag has it’s own little inspirational back-story.


It’s as though we’re being encouraged to aspire to a life less ordinary, to enjoy more fresh air, climb more hills and turn our faces upwards to the sky. And this is in large part is what, Nicky and Jorrit, the couple behind Millican sought to do when they founded the brand.


Nicky and Jorrit first met back in the early nineties in the depths of South America, footloose and full of wanderlust. Fast forward a decade or so and life, as it does, had snared them in a comfortable fug of suburban happy families. Nothing wrong with this but Nicky and Jorrit still craved the road dirt and wide-open spaces, so they upped sticks and headed for the Lakes.


Millican - Dave rucksack

Dave the Rucksack. Millican would like to encourage us to enjoy more fresh air, climb more hills and turn our faces upwards to the sky.


It took them a while to shake off the shackles of their suburban lives but when they did, they felt inspired to follow their dreams. To create a company that embodies their values, their love of travel and their aspirations for the future.


The result is Millican, founded in 2008 and already setting the standard for stylish, durable outdoor and travel bags and accessories. We’re delighted to be part of their growing following and look forward to seeing where they take it from here.