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Photoshoot Number 13 – Unlucky for Some/Wet for Others

Photoshoot Number 13 – Unlucky for Some/Wet for Others

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At A Hume the arrival of autumn is always marked by our catch up photoshoot for RM Williams, Dubarry, Schoffel and Barbour. The big one we schedule for March/April and the September/October shoot we reserve for capturing late additions to our collections and a forward glimpse to next year’s spring lines.


Bleak weather

Photoshoot No: 13 and our luck has run out – bleak persistent rain and drizzle dogged us all day.


Lately we’ve had a run of very good luck with the autumn shoots, the season of mellow fruitfulness has lived up to it’s name, but this year – for our 13th photoshoot – our luck ran out. We were subjected to the sort of persistent smirry drizzle for which Scotland is renowned. For the entire day.



Zsofia won’t let something as trivial as the weather – or the planting – stand in her way.


Still we soldiered on, sheltering under trees and making the most of the low light levels. The photoshoots have always been a jolly affair regardless what the weather throws at us, we’ve seen it all: rain, ice, snow, hail, sun and wind.


Matt, Luci, James Mace and James Abbott

Matt, Luci and James working it in pretty poor conditions. James Abbott does his bit with the umbrella.


When you’re out there it doesn’t feel so bad but when you go back inside and peel off the layers you find you’re cold and clammy right down to your bones and your smalls. Ironically, that’s when you feel coldest of all. Thankfully the hospitality at Ednam House, much like the River Tyne outside, flows with reliable constancy so we’re never short of refueling opportunities.


Vanessa, Chris and Archie

Vanessa ensuring nobody takes it too seriously…..Archie and Chris in the background.


It was hard to know who to feel most sorry for, our models Luci, Matt and James out there frolicking for Zsofia and the camera in the spring t-shirt range, Zsofia and Chris behind the camera, or Vanessa and Susan, who were out there all day. Susan, our chum who’s helmed proceedings from behind her clipboard for many a shoot, stood in the rain and ticked off every outfit from 9.15am until 5pm. Not once throughout the whole day did she moan or quibble and we have a sneaky feeling we know why…..


Susan Fullarton and James Mace

For Susan there are certain perks that make it all worthwhile. Hot moments arise quite unexpectedly in spite of the weather.


Let’s just say that for Susan there are certain perks that make it all worthwhile.


Special mention should go out to our hair and make up team. The slightly weather worn look is all very well for Matt and James but as any woman knows humidity is disaster for long flowing locks and keeping Luci’s mink tresses looking sleek was a Forth Rail Bridge beauty challenge. One we all feel they pulled off.



Catching up on additions to our Autumn range – Luci is wearing the Magee Lily Jacket as worn by Emily Galbraith at Badminton.




Catching up on additions to our Autumn range – Matt is wearing a new Bladen tweed. The new additions and images will be available on the A Hume site by next week.


Thanks to all who helped make the day a great success against pretty poor odds.


We’ll be loading the new images onto the A Hume site over the next few days and they should all be up by next week.


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