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Pitti Uomo 2014

Pitti Uomo 2014


Florence – Men’s Fashion Extravaganza


Its January the sky is cauldron grey and there’s a lonesome pine needle in a dusty corner to remind us that the fun is over.


For the majority of us, we just have to hunker down till spring, but not Archie, these dismal seasonal woes are his cue to hop on a plane to Florence. To Pitti Uomo. Forget Men’s Fashion Week London. I mean really, forget it – we’re doing our best but we’re haunted by Boby Abley’s grotesque models with their robo-chompers…..and eugh, the weather.


tagliatore 2

Italian menswear label Tagliatore.


No, Pitti Uomo is the antidote to drizzle, drivel and creative pretension. For a start, the sun is shining, plus Pitti is expressly a trade fair, exhibitors pay a hefty price to be there – to sell rather than show. The clothes range from traditional luxury brands like Johnston of Elgin and Chrysalis, to high fashion like Tagliatore – and its all wearable.


tagliatore 3

Italian menswear label Tagliatore.


Sure the styling is flamboyant, these brands are competing for the attention of the pickiest buyers from all over the globe so they’re going to roll out their sartorial barrel, try every trick in the book – this is no place for shrinking violets. But essentially this is menswear of supreme quality for stylish gentlemen and it truly is a visual feast. It is inspirational. Somewhere Archie can go to take the temperature of the fashion scene and re-interpret it for A Hume.


Italian menswear label Michele Negri.


Often as not, this happens as much, almost more, off-stand. Just walking about, checking out the street style. This is fashion, and it is Italy so no matter how hard the exhibitors compete, the attendees will conspire and fight to fashion death for their share of the limelight. The buyers, designers and trend makers.


checks 2 - louis

Somewhere Archie can go to take the temperature of the fashion scene and re-interpret it for A Hume. Often this happens off-stand. Just walking about, checking out the street style.


The paparazzi line the entrance to the Doma, and everyone must walk the line. The blinking eye of the shutter announces the verdict, and images are buzzed round the world and shared on social media and in the glossiest magazines. And the influence of these images is incontestable.


Last year in our report from Pitti we highlighted the facial hair trend. Well-manicured but fulsome beards were everywhere but looking a little out there – twelve months on the evolution of this trend is almost complete – Paxman’s in the hairy face camp, so are Princes William and Harry, in fact there is barely a famous face that remains unadorned – who’d have thunk it?


albert thurston

Braces from British label Albert Thurston. On Archie’s Hotlist.


Take a look at our accompanying post: Pitti Uomo Street Style 2014 to see this year’s key trends and await the drip, drip, drip.


Shetland wool swatches from French label Bruer. On Archie’s Hotlist.


Meanwhile on Archie’s official Pitti Uomo Exhibitors Hotlist for 2014 are: Albert Thurston Braces, French label Breuer, Hamilton and Hare and Smart Turnout Watches.


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