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Pitti Uomo Street Style 2014

Pitti Uomo Street Style 2014



V Headband

Vanessa Murray’s Pitti 2014





Vanessa Murray, from A Hume Ladieswear, accompanied Archie on his recent trip to menswear fashion extravaganza Pitti Uomo.


Here are her:


Key Trends for 2014



Additional images far left: and far right:


Colour was big. And bright. Note Guerre (middle) V’s new fashion BFF, in a winning heather hued suit and fedora. More on him further in the post….


double breasted 2

Additional images, middle: and far right:


Double breasted coats and jackets are making a deluxe come back.




Checks were everywhere. A little subtle touch here, great whopping swathes there. When Louis (2nd from the right), of Al Bazar in Milan, adopts the look, you know you’ve hit a trend.


skins look



Skinhead Aesthetic – no easy way to say it….but look at those This Is England, 14 hole DMs, that chain and those skinny breeks.


skins look 3


A head on collision of the skinhead look with the Hasidic Jew – yes, we know how that sounds….but look!… devotional beard, big black coat and hat, with the studded cuff and all the skinhead clobber. Oddest thing of all is, that it works.


Street Scenes


the paps

The paparazzi lined the exhibition entrance every day. Vanessa made the cut in her fox fur and tweed. She was papped at least six times – go V!


Vanessa befriended an NY fashion photographer and streetstyle blogger named Guerre, who nailed the Pitti vibe in a oner,


“Pitti is a stylish man’s Disney World.”



doggie sweater

If you want to get papped – get a pooch.



where's archie

We’ve been entertaining ourselves with a game of Where’s Wally/Archie.


Archie as ever had the style thing sussed, looking pretty at home with the fashion elite.



The boys from Colli, V’s daily escorts at the prosecco bar.



You can tell Vanessa made the cut – look at the company she’s keeping. This is her Pitti Uomo entourage, the boys from Colli, her daily escorts at the prosecco bar.



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