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The Real Reason Women Buy Clothes for Men

The Real Reason Women Buy Clothes for Men


Why mid-marriage wives buy their husband’s clothes.


There’s no doubt that a large percentage of women buy clothes for their partners, or that the likelihood of spousal styling increases over time.


In the early years spousal styling seeps into a relationship in the guise of gifts. Christmas, birthday, etc. but by the mid-marriage years many women buy almost everything their husbands wear.


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Why? Do men give up, or do women take over?

At some point these men must’ve been presentable, otherwise no self-respecting woman would show an interest. So what’s gone awry? Do men stop caring, or do they defer to their wives in the hope of a quiet life?


Ask women and they’ll probably say their partners can’t dress themselves, that:


  1. Their husband wears clothes that don’t fit. I’m a size 34. Is a mantra that’s hard to give up. Even when size 34 is a distant memory. Harsh but true.
  2. Their husband’s relationship with much of his wardrobes pre-dates his relationship with you.
  3. He lacks any motivation to shop for himself unless the item is sporting related, i.e. ‘kit.’
  4. He might be able to choose a shirt but as for putting an outfit together – blank face, zero interest.


On the other hand, ask men and they’ll likely say:


  1. Their wives buy them the clothes they’d like them to wear, not what they’d like to wear themselves. A glance at the heaps of unworn clothes tells its own story.
  2. He only goes along with it because it’s the path of least resistance and it keeps her happy.
  3. He’s too busy to give it much thought.
  4. She’s really much better at it.


So far, so predictable. Women probably do take over, but they would claim this only after men give up. And it does nothing to explain why they care?


The Real Reason

Why take time to dress their husbands when they’re already run ragged by work and domestic drudgery? Why not let them grunge around the place in ancient knitwear and sagging trousers that indicate the plummeting direction of standards?


Well, put simply, as a couple, you are to an extent judged together. That’s all it is. Of course, women want to step out on the arm of a well-dressed man. It makes her look good. It makes you look good together.

It’s good manners to make an effort in all things. And continuing to dress well through the mid-marriage years shows you still care enough about each other to make an effort.


Even if that effort extends only so far as wearing the clothes your wife buys you.


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