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RM Williams – The Weekend is Sorted

RM Williams – The Weekend is Sorted


Free Dryskin Jacket


This post is a bit of a triple whammy, first we hit you with our top tips for the perfect autumn break, and now we hit you with suggestions of what to wear on your autumn break and a wee reminder of our exceptional and yes, very generous RM Williams deal. That’s the offer where you buy a pair of full price RM Williams boots and we give you an exceptionally stylish RM Williams dryskin jacket that normally retails for £159.95.

It’s a deal not to be resisted.


No more what-to-wear worries, any weather, anywhere… your weekend wear is sorted.


RM Williams Dryskin

We’re giving away a free RM Williams Dryskin jacket – normally £159.95, with every pair of RM Williams boots.


  1. The Dryskin is a water resistant, breathable wax coated jacket. Dryskin differs from oilskin as it is dry to the touch and never leaves an oily residue. This technical jacket has a brushed twill lining for extra comfort and thick pockets for those cold winter days.

    The Scott Creek turtleneck by RM Williams – perfect for autumnal weekends.

  2. The Scott Creek turtleneck is the perfect layering garment for autumn. Made from 70% cotton, 30% merino wool it is soft and warm but breathable and not too heavy when striding out on long walks.

    RM Williams moleskins are soft, warm and socially acceptable in all company.

  3. Moleskins are great for weekends when you’re a little uncertain of the dress code: jeans might be a bit on the scruffy side and moleskins offer a smarter alternative without overdoing it. They’re also tactile and in keeping with the autumn look.

    Smart, tough and resilient – the Lachlan boot by RM Williams is dress boot that can rough it.

  4. Likewise the Lachlan boot is the best of both worlds, tough and unafraid of sloshing around on muddy tracks but smart enough to take out for dinner.

    RM Williams overnight bag

    This overnight bag will last you a lifetime and never, ever date, classic luggage from the golden age.

  5. And of course, you’ll need something to put it all in. This bag will have you beaming with pride at check in, made from highest grade cowhide even Cary Grant would’ve been happy with this one.