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Scene Stealing Country Homes

Scene Stealing Country Homes


On Location with A Hume


Rowchester House Crew

Rowchester House March 2012:Top Row from the left; James Mace, James Abbott & Billy Hamilton. Bottom Row from the left; James Millar, Karen Hume, Archie Hume & Zsofia Molnar.



We’re all set for our 12th photo shoot next week – all set but subject to a lingering anxiety about the weather.


Old mother nature has thrown some pretty cold, wet and miserable curve balls in the past and given it’s been the coldest spring for 50 years we’re a little on the tense side.


Still, we can take comfort in the fact that even if there’s snow on the ground and a fierce nip in the air, at least we’ll be in magnificent surroundings, receiving a warm welcome at Floors Castle.


Over the years we’ve found ourselves larking about for the camera in the most spectacular locations – here’s a little recap:


Ednam House Hotel Sept 2007 – April 2009


ednam house 1

Ralph and Anne Brooks gave us a warm welcome and generously allowed us to exploit the floriferous charms of the terrace gardens at Ednam House Hotel for our shoot.


It seems fitting that our first ever photoshoot took place at the wonderful Ednam House Hotel, a family venture, like our own and of a similar vintage – the Brooks family beat us into business by just one year, opening their doors to guests in 1928.


Model, Mary Crawford and the hardworking gardening staff at Ednam House.


Current owners, Ralph and Anne Brooks gave us a warm welcome and generously allowed us to exploit the floriferous charms of the terrace gardens for our shoot. Being novices we were all hugely grateful to have one of the best bars in the Borders on hand when the last shutter closed and the tripods were stashed – just a small tipple to take the edge off.


Sydenham House Oct 2009 – Sept 2010


sydenham house

Sydenham House with it’s beautful big fireplaces.


Our next port of call was Kelso’s gracious mansion house, Sydenham House, with its splendid fireplaces that beg a big comfy wingback and a spot of idle reading: the ideal backdrop for conveying the A Hume country lifestyle brands.


Originally built in the eighteenth century as the dower house for nearby Hendersyde House, Sydenham House underwent significant extension and change in the Victorian era. It takes its name from a former owner, Admiral Dixon, who named the house for the house for his former London stamping ground.


Sydenham House 1

We were allowed free rein – no pun intended – in the photogenic surroundings. Billy doesn’t looks so comfortable with that horse does he?


Our good friends, owners, Piers and Frances Lowson, kindly allowed us a free rein in the stables (no pun intended) where we took shelter from the March 2010 snow – yes, it’s not just this year that brass monkeys have fallen prey to perilous personal injury – and we were spoilt for choice in such photogenic surroundings.


Rowchester House Apr 2011 – Mar 2012


rowchester 1

James on the steps of Rowchester House – Leonard and Clare were always on hand with props. Who can resist a small furry dog?


Having set a high bar it was something of a challenge to maintain the pace, luckily there’s no shortage of enviable private homes in the Borders and Leonard and Clare Harper Gow were on hand to make their beautiful home near Duns available to us.


Rowchester House is a splendid Jacobean mansion and Leonard and Clare are used to welcoming visitors in far greater numbers than our small entourage – in recent years Rowchester played host to an arts and music festival. As a musician and artist, Leonard and Clare move comfortably in creative circles, they seemed to enjoy us knocking about, setting up shots and on every shoot they were on hand with suggestions, props and goodwill.


We had happy times at Rowchester and Leonard continues his musical endeavours, often popping up at the Voodoo Rooms in Edinburgh. Find out more about Rowchester Music here.


Floors Castle Sept 2012 –


james mace & archie

James Mace, Archie Hume and Susan Fullarton
Model James Mace looking equal to the grandeur of the rose arch by the courtyard restaurant, accompanied by Archie Hume and a very focused Susan Fullarton.


For our last shoot we moved on to aristocratic land and it’s tricky to see how we’re going to top Floors Castle. How can it get any grander?


Floors is home to the Duke of Roxburghe and our clothes have never looked so good, or are models so at home, amongst the flowers in the gorgeous walled garden, or striding out in the rolling parkland. We were all rather in a spin about the photographic possibilities, Zsofia and her team from The Studio Agency made it all look like a piece of cake – speaking of which, we heartily recommend the cake in the Terrace Café.


Floors Walled Garden

Hannah Fairgrieve in the gorgeous walled garden at Floors Castle.


What’s in store for us next week at Floors? Will we be dodging snow or dancing in daffodils – we’ll be sure to let you know.


In the meantime read about our past photoshoots on our blog: Strictly Come Prancing and Lifting the Veil on the A Hume Photoshoot.