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Strictly Come Prancing

Strictly Come Prancing


A Hume Photoshoot at Floors Castle

When we signed off on our last photoshoot at Rowchester House, we were a little sad about moving on from the beautiful house and splendid hospitality of our hosts Leonard and Claire Harper Gow, but you know, wistful as we were, we knew that living in the Scottish Borders we’d be spoilt for choice when it came to selecting our next location. And we have been. Our new find, Floors Castle, home to the Duke of Roxburghe, is so devastatingly grand that we are perhaps even more spoilt than the Made in Chelsea cast.

A bit of a buzz preceded this shoot, and when we arrived we ran around like kids in a very photogenic sweet shop, look here’s us by the rose arch in the Courtyard Restaurant


James Mace, Archie Hume and Susan Fullarton

Model James Mace looking equal to the grandeur of the rose arch by the courtyard restaurant, accompanied by Archie Hume and a very focused Susan Fullarton.


And reveling in the extensive parkland and autumn sun. Not only were we spoilt for picturesque backdrops but also we were, once again, blessed with golden autumn sunshine.


Billy Hamilton, Hannah Fairgeave, Claire Wyllie and James Mace.

Billy Hamilton, Hannah Fairgeave, Claire Wyllie and James Mace looking very at home in the parkland.


Our models stood even taller than ever……


Billy Hamilton and Claire Wyllie

The aristocratic setting made all our models stand a little taller, with the exception of Billy Hamilton, who needed a little help from a hill to gain his height advantage over fellow model Claire.


well, with the exception of Billy. Looking almost to the manner born, as though they’ve all been sprinkled with a little aristocratic fairy dust.


James Millar

James Millar biting into a chunk of upper crust life.


Here’s James Millar looking as though he’s just bitten deep into the upper crust….. and his upper lip. Ouch.


Archie Hume

Strictly Come Prancing: Archie minces off in a huff citing artistic differences – work that Dubarry clutch bag Archie!


The day was a fantastic success, and went off without a hitch – with the above exception….however, moving along – we’d like to thank our photographer Zsofi and her team from The Studio Agency, the A Hume team and all our models for their assistance in pulling off another blinder for A Hume. One more photoshoot in the bag.


See you in Spring!