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The A Hume Guide to Jeans

The A Hume Guide to Jeans


Jeans are ubiquitous. They are the great wardrobe equalizer. Everyone wears them. Posh or common as muck, it matters not a jot.


They are brilliant.


Well, they’re brilliant so long as you get the fit right. Now we know, this can take time. Hours of endless trawling and the whole tedious business of fitting rooms – with the exception of the A Hume fitting rooms, nothing tedious about those. They are palatial. Fit for kings.


RM Williams Jeans at A Hume Country Clothing


Which Jeans Are Right for You?


How much better it would be if you had an in a nutshell guide to tell you which jeans are right for you. Well, now you do.


Below we demystify the terminology and identify the right fit for your height and size.


There are essentially three basic cuts of jeans. There are a lot of fruity variations out there but for every day wear these are the ones you’re going to run into.


Classic Straight Cut


So first up let’s introduce the the Classic Straight Cut, also known as Regular. These are the everyman of the jeans world. As the name suggest the Classic Straight Fit follows a straight cut through hips, thighs and calves. Meaning there is little variation in the width for the entire length of the garment.


Classic Straight Cut



This style is flattering for most builds hence its enduring popularity. It adds a little welcome heft to a skinny chap and balances the proportions of the mightier man.


Classic Straight Cut at A Hume




Slim Fit


Slim Fit are a more recent arrival and shouldn’t be confused with the uncompromising Skinny Fit – or what those of the punk vintage would call Drainpipes. They follow the natural silhouette more closely than a Straight Cut and are therefore probably only a good idea for gentlemen in possession of a naturally slim silhouette.


Slim Fit


They work equally well regardless of height though, so at least they’re inclusive in that respect.


Slim Fit at A Hume


RM Williams Linesman Slim Fit Jeans



Boot Cut


Most forgiving and inclusive of all is the Boot Cut. The Boot Cut starts out straight through the hips then tapers gradually away through the calf. Most Boot Cuts also have more generous length.


Boot Cut


This style is great for anyone carrying a little condition. Contrary to what the name would suggest, boots are not compulsory.


Boot Cut at A Hume


RM Williams Legends Regular Fit Boot Cut Jeans

RM Williams Prospect Denim Jeans



A word on pockets


Regardless of cut the vast majority of men’s jeans feature the classic five pocket design. One small coin pocket and two J pockets on the front and two patch pockets on the back.


Little known denim lore:


The coin pocket was originally designed as a watch, or fob pocket back in the 1800’s when jeans were first made.


In the Eighties, when safe sex was part of the zeitgeist, it was known as the condom pocket.


The origins of the term J pocket are far less risqué – turn that J on its side and you’ll have your answer.


The term denim is dervied from it’s origins as ‘serge de Nimes,’ a fabric from Nimes in France.



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