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The Best & Worst of Christmas

The Best & Worst of Christmas


A Hume Christmas Elves on the Best & Worst of Christmas


We could argue forever about what we love most about Christmas. Certainly the best and the worst of Christmas has been a hot topic at around here.


best and worst of christmas 2

The Best & Worst of Christmas: a good old fashioned family Christmas.
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Here’s what the A Hume Christmas elves have to say on the subject:



On the Up Side – What we love about Christmas….


Christmas Fizz

We love champagne for breakfast.
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Long family tradition of homemade hot sausage rolls on Christmas morning washed down with a glass of bubbles – Vanessa (Ladieswear, The Square).


Charlie’s first Christmas.  He won’t understand what’s going on, but he will be fussed and spoilt rotten and I can’t wait – Rob (Mgr, 22 Horsemarket).


Catching up with friends – Archie (M.D.).


Chilled Champagne and Smoked Salmon – Karen (e-commerce director)


Excuse to enjoy the finer things in life; food, wine & cocktails – James (Digital Marketing Mgr.).


Christmas Dinner – Sarah (Saturday Sales)


Best bit for me is Boxing Day. No cooking, just relax and eat all the leftovers – Lorraine (Sales, 22 Horsemarket).


Glad the rush is over – Chris Pairman (Menswear, The Square).


Cooking the lunch – Chris Whitlock (Menswear, The Square).



On the Down Side – What we dread about Christmas…..


Bed time on Christmas night because it’s all over for another year – Vanessa (Ladieswear, The Square).


You rarely get the winter weather on the day so it’s generally grey and wet, rather than crisp and snowy – Rob (Mgr, 22 Horsemarket).


Lack of sleep – Archie (M.D.).


Doing my Christmas shopping at the last minute – Karen (e-commerce director)


Going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark – James (Digital Marketing Mgr.).


Christmas Songs – Sarah (Saturday Sales).


The bit I don’t like is putting up and taking down the decorations – Lorraine (Sales, 22 Horsemarket).


The clean up after – Chris Pairman (Menswear, The Square).


Washing up after lunch – Chris Whitlock (Menswear, The Square).



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