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The Courgetti Revolution

The Courgetti Revolution

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Courgetti – the courgette but not as you know it. Three knockout recipes for summer 2016.


I first had courgetti a few years back. I remember being absolutely mystified by the fine ribbons of courgette presented as part of a raw food feast prepared by a trendy Irish chef at a private event. It all seemed well above my culinary pay grade.


There was a lot of chat about the expensive professional kit needed to contrive these uncooked delicacies so I was completely thrilled to discover – not so long ago- that for around £20 I too can bamboozle friends and family with spindly ribbons of courgette.


The spiralizer is a revolution. Especially if you are trying to see off a glut of garden grown courgette. You just slot the courgette in, spin the handle like you’re winching in a sail, or a garden hose, and low and behold perfect courgetti.


There is a lot of zealotry surrounding courgetti and its role as the messiah that saves us from carb-loaded pasta. I’m not sure about all this, but it is quite fun and the transformation from spongy squash into creamy ribbons is quite compelling.


Primavera Courgetti Salad


primavera courgetti salad

Primavera Courgetti Salad – Image credit: Kym Grymshaw


First up in my triptych of courgetti recipes is seasonal classic re-imagined as a salad by food blogger Kym Grimshaw on her wonderful blog On the Plate. It is without question delicious and perfect for sunny summers’ evenings.


Serves 4


40g butter

2 garlic cloves, finely chopped

bunch of asparagus, sliced

handful of broad beans, podded

handful of fresh peas, podded

4 courgettes


150g natural yogurt

30g mixed fresh herbs (parsley and/or dill work well)

parmesan to serve

handful of toasted chopped hazelnuts to serve




Spiralize, grate or peel the courgettes into a large bowl and set aside. If grating you may need to squeeze out the excess water from the courgettes. Alternatively add a pinch of salt and leave them for 30 minutes, or so.


Heat a large pan before adding the butter to melt, cook the garlic for a couple of mins just before it becomes golden.


Add the peas, asparagus and broad beans to the pan and stir fry over a moderate heat for 5 – 7 minutes. Until the greens are cooked but still retain a little bit of a bite.


Remove from the heat and stir through the courgette, juice of the lemon, fresh herbs and yogurt.


Season well and serve with shavings of parmesan and toasted hazelnuts.



Courgetti with Anchovies and Tomato


One of the wonderful things about courgetti is how well the courgette ribbons absorb flavor, especially if you soften them a little in the sauce before serving. There is something about the salty punch of the anchovies and the sweetness of the tomatoes that works brilliantly with courgette.


Serves 4


4 courgette

Olive Oil

2 cloves of garlic (cut into fine slithers)

6 or 7 anchovy fillets

a pinch of dried chilli (how big a pinch is up to you)

400g cherry tomatoes, halved

Lemon juice


Spiralize, grate or peel the courgettes into a large bowl and set aside. If grating you may need to squeeze out the excess water from the courgettes. Alternatively add a pinch of salt and leave them for 30 minutes, or so.


Heat a couple of good glugs of olive oil in a pan. On a medium heat add the garlic and the anchovies, cook until the anchovies have melted. Add the chilli flakes and the cherry tomatoes. Increase the heat to encourage the tomatoes to shed their liquid quickly. Cook for 2 – 4 minutes until the tomatoes soften.


Add a squeeze of lemon juice to perk up the flavours. Toss with the courgetti for a minutes or so and serve.


Courgetti Salad Baguette


This is the King of Sarnies, the sort of bread based feast you make to impress or when you’re off on a picnic. It’s inspired by the famous Nicoise sarnie, the Pan Bagnat. I pretty much lived on these sandwiches during a period of my ill-spent youth in the South of France. I seem to be forever re-inventing it and this is 2016’s variation. Feel free to rate it out of 10.


Serves 2


2 small courgettes

1 egg

½ small red onion, very thinly sliced

red wine vinegar

olive oil

salt and black pepper

1 beef tomato, or similar homegrown

160g tuna (or fresh tuna steak if you’re pushing the boat out)

crunchy lettuce leaves, cos, or frisee

1 baguette, or other bread of your choice

black olives



Spiralize, grate or peel the courgettes into a large bowl, add the red onion, a couple of glugs of olive oil and a tablespoon or so of red wine – I like mine quite sharp so I tend to be heavy handed with red wine vinegar. Season generously and using your hands mix it all together. Set aside while you prep the other ingredients.


Boil your eggs but be careful the yolk should be just yielding and not quite solid. Slice the tomatoes and the baguette, make a cut at only one side so the baguette can open like wings still joined.


Line the lower half of the baguette with lettuce, then layer the tomato on too. Next open the can of tuna and gently mix through the courgetti and red onion mix. Spread this on top of the tomatoes and lettuce, break the egg up with your hands and scatter over the top along with a few black olives.


Eat and enjoy.



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