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The Inside Track on F1 Style

The Inside Track on F1 Style


This weekend F1 season gets underway with the Australian Grand Prix, the chat has been dominated by Lewis Hamilton’s move to Mercedes and the fact that this is the last year before a big rules and regulations revolution for 2014. But being who we are, we can’t help noticing the clothes….


Every year Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton swagger onto the best dressed lists. It seems that although the world of F1 is far removed from the spinning orb of fashion these icons of speed are so dripping in glamour that they outclass any other sporting heroes – as brilliant as he is on court, it’s hard to imagine Andy Murray making the grade – and even more likely contenders from the mosh pit of rock or the hills of Hollywood.


jenson button

Jenson Button proving that suits and leathers fit with equal glove like precision.



It’s not as though Button and Hamilton are regulars on the FROW at Paris, London and Milan, they don’t slavishly subscribe to new trends and their association with labels extends to sponsorship deals such as the Hugo Boss Sports range for McLaren. Jenson Button’s long-term girlfriend, Jessica Michibata, may be a model but you get the feeling the attraction isn’t based on a mutual love of fashion.


So what is it about Button and Hamilton that gives them the edge?


Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger

It’s all about the cut, the cloth and cool elegance. Risk is kept to a minimum.
Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger.

Source: via Inès on Pinterest



Undoubtedly, they are good looking men and being F1 drivers incredibly fit, but the same could be said of any number of Brad Pitts, Harry Styles or Justin Timberlakes. So there’s got to be more to it.


Although F1 is inherently risky, it’s not about taking risks – in fact, quite the opposite. Risk is reduced to the absolute minimum. And this is the key to the F1, man-about-the-track look.


This is paired down, classic men’s style at it’s best, nothing too flamboyant, all about cut, cloth and cool elegance.


But, don’t forget the first rule of F1 style – never step out without a stunningly glamorous girlfriend.
Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger.



Even when dressing down there’s not a lot of flourish going on: it’s all pretty clean and accessories are limited to very expensive watches – it helps to be an ambassador for the brand – and super-glam girlfriends.


Old School F1 Style


Jackie Stewart and Paul Newman

Even unclothed Jackie Stewart could pull it off – all you need is a cool pair of shades, a big manly watch and a Hollywood Star, in this case Paul Newman.



It wasn’t always like this; back in the day – glossing right over the dodgy Nigel Mansel, period, Sir Jackie Stewart was King of the Style Hill, or rather podium.


Jackie Stewart



Unlike today’s super slick Euro-boys, Sir Jackie’s style is more individual. At his height he favoured a kind of Richard Burton, Greek-sailor-meets-playboy look that has even now has a profound retro style. Love it.


Jackie Stewart

Source: via German on Pinterest



And today his love of a cool pair of shades endures along side his attachment to his trademark tartan cap.


Face of the Future

Could Paul di Resta be the future face of F1 style – he comes from pedigree racing stock. Racing for Force India, alongside his recently announced Adrian Sutil could 2013 be his year?