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The Secret of Modern Country Style

The Secret of Modern Country Style


Is the secret of modern country style an eye for fresh interpretations of the classics?


Forget the hoi polloi of Milan or Manhattan whose heads turn like a sixpence at every new trend. Country ladies are renowned as some of the most astute shoppers in the world. It is without question a trickier business to please a lady who rates enduring style over novelty and whimsy, who prizes traditional materials and expects quality of the highest standard.


In this world trends emerge slowly and establish over several seasons. Anna Lascata, Fairfax and Favor and Gibson & Birkbeck are three brands who know the secret of modern country style.



Anna Lascata – Re-imagining the Classics


One key to evolving country style is to re-imagine classic shapes and cuts.



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The Anna Lascata collection takes classic shapes and cuts then re-interprets them in soft suede, or beautifully woven silk/linen in pale, gentle blue instead of the more traditional tweed.


Blue instead of green. Suede instead of tweed. So simple. Just a small shift in perspective without undermining any of the style values prized by country ladies


Fairfax & Favor  – Complimenting the Classics


It is important that any new trend or emerging brand can co-exist happily with all the gorgeous country classics already hanging in a country ladies wardrobe.


Fairfax and Favor


Country ladies have a keen eye for styles that will re-invigorate their existing collection. They are not averse to a bit of glamour and fun but have a very low tolerance for trends that necessitate buying into a whole new look.


Not an easy niche to fill, so thank heavens for Fairfax & Favor. Their boots are the very essence of modern country style. A traditional boot given a glam make over, yet utterly wearable in town or country.


Gibson & Birkbeck – The Classics in Print


Advances in technology have always heralded new trends in fashion and textiles. Here in the Scottish Borders, surrounded by textile mills, we’re only too aware of the role technology played in making our home county the world leader in luxury knitwear.


Gibson and Birkbeck White Fish Print Shirt


For Gibson and Birkbeck it is the innovations in digital printing technology that enable them to produce their beautifully crisp prints. Their tailored shirts featuring hand drawn UK birds and wildlife are the perfect marriage of craft and technology, tradition and modernity.


They look and feel contemporary yet have a warm echo of our natural heritage.



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