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There’s Nowt So Queer as Spokes

There’s Nowt So Queer as Spokes

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Yorkshire Celebrates Le Grand Depart.


The most momentous event in British cycling is almost here, when the biggest sporting carnival on two wheels, Le Tour de France gets underway in Yorkshire.


Chris Frome in flat cap….image source: Pinterest


There’s been huge excitement in the build up to the Grand Depart from Harrogate to Leeds on Saturday as Yorkshire makes history as the setting for the race’s first Stage on British soil.


All manner of unlikely organizations have been scrambling around hoping to get in on the action. There was a Tour de Yorkshire garden at Chelsea Flower Show this year that incorporated old wheel rims into a dry stone wall. A theatre company has been touring schools performing a dramatized potted history of Le Tour. And all 19 pubs surrounding the Yorkshire town of Otley have translated their names into French and mounted enormous banners displaying their new Gallic names.


Bienvenue dans Le Vieux Coq!


We kid you not. If you don’t believe us you can checkout the Otley Pub Club website for a full list of the names.


But of all the creations that mark Le Tour de Yorkshire, our favourite by far, is the spoof video created by brothers, Alistaire and Peter MacGregor offering advice to cyclists on what to expect on their two wheeled foray into the dales.



The video includes tips on wearing drab colours to avoid frightening sheep, putting newspapers down their shirts to prevent a chill and to expect a warm reception from their Yorkshire hosts in the form of pie an’ peas, and free bicycle clips. Don’t say Yorkshire folk are tight!



It is a stroke of satirical genius that breathes life into old jokes. Now wonder it’s clocking up Youtube views faster than Wiggo clocks up miles.