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Time to Take up Golf

Time to Take up Golf


A Sport for Everyone


Looking for a way to spend the long summer evenings? Want a new all-consuming passion that has hooked millions of people the world over? Perhaps it’s time you took up golf?


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Read our top ten reasons to take up golf:


1.    Leave your troubles behind

The golf course is a great place to leave your troubles behind. You’re too busy thinking about the shots to worry about anything else. It’s also a good excuse to dodge all manner of domestic commitments – ever wondered why so many newly minted fathers take up golf? 4hrs playing golf and no one can say a thing because it’s exercise…..


2.    Lifelong Sport

Golf is a game you can play your whole life. Golf has one of the longest participation rates of any sport – there are not many five a-side footie leagues for octogenarians but in golf seniors play 3 times as often as any other group.


3.    Golf Needs You

After climbing steadily for 20 years the number of people playing golf has declined. Last available statistics* show that the number of golfers in the UK has dropped by 3%. Not a huge drop off but golf especially needs you if you’re a woman, or a junior. Only 15% of players in the UK are women, and 10% are juniors. Amazing that only 15% of women have realised the potential benefits of exploiting Point 1.


4.    You Get to Buy a Whole New Wardrobe

We’d like to think that golf has come a long way since it was regarded as sport ‘open to anyone who owns hideous clothing.” But even in these modern, less formal, sartorially enlightened times most golf clubs have a dress code for course and clubhouse. In golf a smart appearance is a pre-requisite.


Golf Style for Men



Clockwise from top left: Dubarry Bandon Sweater, RM Williams Aldersyde Polo Shirt, Millican Andy the Stainless Steel Water Bottle, Dubarry Derg Jacket, Pampeano Multi 1.5″ Polo Belt and Barbour Euston Garment Dyed Trousers


5.    You Can Win Even When You’re Bad

Or so they say. Supposedly the handicap system evens the odds, but still the golfing world is littered with golfers struggling to up their game. As AA Milne said:
Golf is so popular simply because it is the best game in the world at which to be bad.

6.    The Perfect Shot

Once you’ve managed to hit just one good shot you’re hooked. Golfers can dine out for years on tales about their one perfect shot, in reality they go for years between perfect shots. Golfing Legend Lee Trevino sums it up:

“The older I get, the better I used to be.”


Golf Style for Ladies


Clockwise from top left: Dubarry Shannon Rugby Top, Betty and Betts Betty Small Purse, Dubarry Bluebell Trousers, Dubarry Spiddal Gilet, Pantherella Rosetta Anklet Stripe  and Dubarry Ladies Storm Jacket.



 7.    A Friendly Sport

Golf is renowned as a sociable sport and a great way to meet people. It’s also a great sport to play across the generations and as a family. And if that’s not enough to get you out on a course, there’s always the lure of the 19th Hole.


8.    Fantastic Tuition

The PGA (Professional Golfer’s Association) has over 7,500 working in over 60 countries worldwide, with a network like this there is bound to be a good Pro near you. The PGA have a postcode search to help you find one.


9.    Continuously Challenging

Golf is a handicapped game played to ‘par’ meaning that regardless of any broader competitive perspective it’s you against the course. As you get better so your handicap decreases and the challenge remains.


10.   Spirit of the Game

Arguably no other sport takes such pride in the etiquette of the game. There is no umpire, or referee. Golf relies on the integrity of the individual to show consideration for others, play by the rules and care for the course.


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*Figures from KPMG study for the Golf Advisory Practice in EMA and Sport England survey in 2013.