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A Hume
Valentine’s Day: To Do, Or Not To Do?

Valentine’s Day: To Do, Or Not To Do?

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Valentine’s Day can make your heart soar or your stomach sink, it’s easy to scoff at the rampant commercialism but come on, it’s a day to lavish affection on the one you love or risk all in winning the attentions of someone new. What’s not to like?


Don’t say you can’t think of anything to give – read our list below, ideas that way outclass a box of Diary Milk and a sappy card.



We’ve done the hard work, allowing you a little bit of time to sit back and enjoy Charlie Brown in Be My Valentine, nobody captures the cruelty and the comedy of Valentine’s quite like Charlie Brown.



If it has to be chocolate:


hotel chocolat


Hotel Chocolat has a selection of lovelicious chocolates, exquisitely packaged and delivered at the speed of Cupid’s bow straight to the one you love.


If it has to be roses:


keira cottage garden bouquet


Kenyan grown long stem roses do not say I love you, they say I was short on time and ideas. Instead opt for the opulent, scented, romance of gorgeous David Austen Roses. Now these say I love you.


If your love is not a red, red rose but instead, a red, red wine:








Drinking now, the 2010 Chateau de Puligny Montrachet, from Berry Bros and Rudd definitely says you care. For a grander gesture and delayed gratification the Pavilion Rouge du Chateau Margaux should be layed down for future bliss.



If you want to say it quietly:


message beans


The Love collection of Five Message Beanstalk Seeds from BEEcylce impart a gentle, non-shouty message of endearment that grows and grows.


If you have something big to say:




The Bonham Hotel in Edinburgh offers a private dining room, the sort of intimate dining experience in which a romantically entwined couple may get carried away, and then – who knows what might pop out. Just to be clear, we’re talking questions – popping the question – nothing smutty.

Call for details.