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Velo Vintage in Devon

Velo Vintage in Devon


A Hume sponsor Cycle West – Velo Vintage in Devon


Alistair Cope, of Velo Vintage with Suzie, and Herbert Hercules.

Alistair Cope, of Velo Vintage with Suzie, and Herbert Hercules. Setting the standard for splendidness and all round elegance. Courtesy Velo Vintage.


It really has been a magnificent year for British cycling: some might say the art of pedaling is experiencing a renaissance, first we celebrated the splendid Tweed Run event in March, where spokes whirled as gallantly attired cyclists sped through London, then there was the rather more noted Bradley Wiggins win on le Tour – ‘Allez Wiggo!’ – then there was the triumph of Team GB in the Olympic Velodrome and Road Cycling and now….NOW, there is not just the Paralympic Cycling led by Gold winning legend, Sarah Storey but also the Cycle West – Velo Vintage in Devon event, on 9th September.


We could not be tickled a rosier shade of pink! Especially as A Hume are the terribly proud sponsors of the Best Dressed Couple Award at what promises to be 2012’s most elegant event on two wheels. The hotly anticipated prize is a £50 gift voucher for each winner.


For those of you un-initiated in the phenomenon of the Tweed Run and similar, vintage themed cycle runs here’s a quick synopsis.


London Tweed Run 2012 - Courtesy Velo Vintage.

London Tweed Run 2012. Courtesy Velo Vintage.


In London, January 2009, a small band of fixed gear and single speed cyclists (also known as Dutch bikes, or sit-up-and-beg bikes) pedaled out in stylish tribute to the golden age of British Cycling. Tweed breeks, deerstalkers and pipes for the chaps, and sprancy, dotty dresses, Mary Janes and fox furs for the girls. They named their event The Tweed Run and it was an immediate hit. London chimed with the sound of chinking china as tea was taken, backs were clapped heartily in the manner of a particular sort of British chap, there were peels of laughter and everyone had a jolly good time.


Since then sibling events have sprung up all over the world, in locations as disparate as Helsinki, Kansas, Tokyo and Pescara. It seems that the tendency towards inter-war British style and vintage bikes is latent in a large, global demographic. How marvelous!


Cycle West - Velo Vintage in Devon, 9th September 2012. Whizz along for the ride of your lfie.

Cycle West – Velo Vintage in Devon, 9th September 2012. Whizz along for the ride of your lfie. Poster courtesy Velo Vintage.


So, back to the Cycle West – Velo Vintage in Devon event on 9th September, the form on the day is not strictly tweed, but cyclists are encouraged to adorn vintage attire from their chosen era and clamber aboard their trusty steeds, which may or may not be classics of the day. With the current trend for old school styling it’s becoming so hard to tell the difference.


The route, a leisurely 11 miles beginning and ending in Exmouth, encompasses an elegant sufficiency of nibbling, chatting and supping opportunities, there are prizes for Best Decorated Bicycle (Men’s and Ladies’), sponsored by Bikelands, Most Impressive Moustache (coiffing, preening and manly product encouraged),  and Most Elegantly Coiffed Lady (a hair & hat focused award worth rolling out the barrel curls for), both sponsored by Guvnors’ Assembly and of course, the Best Dressed Couple, sponsored by A Hume Country Clothing.


We could not be more proud to be part of Velo Vintage’s inaugural event, there is so much giddy, fun-filled mileage to be had in getting dressed up and whizzing through the countryside.


If you’d like to take part in the event sign up here: Cycle West – Velo Vintage Registration.


Check back at the A Hume blog for updates and photos of the day. Cheerio!