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Watch Versus Phone – Why Do We Still Wear Watches?

Watch Versus Phone – Why Do We Still Wear Watches?


On the face of it –yep, right in there with a fast jabbing pun – a watch is a purely functional piece of kit that gets you there on time.


In reality we all know there’s a lot more to it. If there wasn’t why would so many of us still wear a watch when we have all manner of devices that tell us the time?


Here are a few good reasons why we still wear watches:


I feel undressed without a watch.


This is true for so many of us, a watch is part of the ritual of getting dressed and has been since we learned to tell time as children. Since we proudly mastered the hierarchy of big hand/little hand and wore our watches to prove it. A left wrist is simply naked without a watch.


I like watches – they look good.


Yes, they do. Not only do watches look good they also say a lot about who you are. As potent cultural symbols go the only thing wielding more power than a watch is a car.


Tissot PRS 516 Extreme Automatic Chronograph




Speaking of cars….this one roars petrol head louder than an F1 engine. The straight case lines are designed to echo the bodywork of modern luxury cars and the face is a symphony of dials modelled on the dashboard.


Brietling Emergency


breitling emergency


Beloved watch of adventurers, this is a timepiece that could save your life. Especially if your name is Neil Laughton and trotting up Everest is your thing. Comes with Emergency locator beacon device that works at temps of minus -30.



Montblanc Heritage Spirit Date Automatic


Montblanc Heritage Spirit Date Automatic


Because fashions come and go but style always remains. Classic, understated minimalism.


Watches are also fun.


Not all watches cost the earth. There are loads of fun affordable watches so you can own a few and match your watch to the occasion, the seasons, or even your mood.


Smart Turnout Military Watch Set


smart turnout


A watch based on the classic design of the Army’s standard timepiece with interchangeable straps.

Watches are discreet.


Ever had coffee or dinner with someone who constantly flips their phone cover to check the time? Rude isn’t it? Much more discreet to chance a glance at your wrist.


You always know where your watch is.


Nobody ever had to call their watch to find out where it was. It’s never at the bottom of a bag, or in your inside pocket when you’re travelling with bags in both hands. All it takes is a quick tilt of the elbow, shuffle of the cuff and time itself is revealed.


It was my Dad’s.


For many people watches carry enormous personal significance. Watches are still presented to recognise achievement and time served. There are few true heirlooms passed between Father and Son, watches are one of them.


A good watch is an investment.


You never heard anyone say that about about a Samsung Galaxy did you? It also happens to be true. Vintage watches by brands like Breitling, Cartier, Jaeger Le Coultre, Longines and Rolex sell for well above their original purchase price.


It was a present.


We’ve come full circle now. Right back to that first watch you wore as a kid, which we’re pretty sure must’ve been a present. Throughout our lives watches are given and received as gifts. They’re gifted as beautiful objects, with love, and in the knowledge that in giving a watch you are somehow marking the passing of time itself and establishing a connection through time with the wearer of the watch.


A phone is simply incapable of making such a poetic gesture. Hands – and wrists- down the watch wins.



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