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What to Wear to the Races – Ladies

What to Wear to the Races – Ladies



Think of this as a guide to race day style as opposed to race day fashion. A stylish woman will be admired ten times more than a fashionable one and this is never more true than on race day.


Official Dress Codes are generally restricted to the summer ‘flat’ racing season in the UK but there are undeniably fashion conventions will influence your outfit at any time of year. During the National Hunt Racing Season (Nov –March), at Cheltenham, Aintree and of course Kelso, it’s all about the outerwear.


And given the climate it’s unlikely your coat will come off. So no need to trouble yourself with frocks, the focus is jackets, hats, bags and boots. The key to developing enviable race day style is picking and choosing the elements that are right for you.




Tweed has a long and deep association with race day style, it’s warm – thank heavens – and joy of joys, much like the LBD there’s one to suit everyone.


The tweed jacket is to race day what the LBD is to parties.


 lynsford jacket

The Magee Lynsfort Jacket


The Magee Lynsfort is the type of jacket that does all the work for you. If you want instant elegance and classic style this jacket is head and shoulders above the rest.


It reminds us of something Vogue editor Anna Wintour said: If you can’t be better than your competition just dress better.


Works a treat with:



More Tweed


sarah jacket


If you feel the classic tweed checks just aren’t you then perhaps this gorgeous soft pink tailored jacket from Magee, the Sarah Jacket will tickle the parts other tweeds can’t reach. It’s a modern miss nod to race day trads and can be cosied up with a few t-shirt layers, a swanky knit and gorgeous woollen accessories.


Works a treat with:

sarah looks






There are few social opportunities, outside of weddings, for gratuitous hat wearing. Of course, ladies can – and should wear hats whenever the mood takes them but race day gives us added courage to indulge in a little millinery.


gail rowan fur headband


We love this Fur Headband by Gail Rowan. It’s just begging for a day out at the races, where it will keep your head toasty and your hair the right side of windswept. It can transform any outfit, even the most casual jeans and jacket – all you have to do is pop it on your head and suddenly you’re all dressed up.


gatsby hat


In a slightly different mood, we also adore this whimsical cloche, the Gatsby by Dubarry. It’s slightly more stylized and would work wonderfully contrasted with an unstructured cape, or poncho.




Now, a word of caution…. Yes, race day is about dressing up but it’s critical to remember where you’re going. A racecourse is essentially a big field, so you can leave your mink suede Kurt Geiger pumps at home.


Though don’t slide too far in the other direction, Race Day calls for a little more effort than slouching around in your wellies.


longford boots

Longford Boots


Just as well then that we have Dubarry. Hoorah for the new Longford Boot that has a flattering calf-hugging silhouette that works with skirts and trousers.



And bravo for the equally elegant Clare Boot.




You’re out for the better part of the day and you’ll want somewhere to stash all those accessories, scarf, gloves, etc., in case of unforeseen weather events, so it needs to be something more substantial than a clutch but equally you don’t want a big brute that will have you listing across the shoulders like a sinking ship.


betty and betts tote


There’s an indefinable fun quality about the Betty and Betts tote that seems appropriate for a jolly day at the races. It’s on the money size wise, lots of internal compartments for your bits and bobs and a graphic contrast lining you can expose with pride whilst riffling for things that inevitably find their way into corners.


anna bag


Now, of course we love the Anna bag, because we made it – with the help of Lovat Mill, here in the Scottish Borders. Which makes it a little tricky to be objective, but it’s lovely isn’t it? Wouldn’t you be happy with this hanging from the end of your arm? Especially in this soft heather colour with the muted overcheck – and inside it’s an ergonomic wonder, there’s a place for all your woman guff. And that’s because it had to meet the specification of Karen Hume, who anyone who knows her will tell you, is the most organized, ergonomically minded woman on the planet.


I don’t know why we’re giving you the hard sell. This bag sells itself – like hotcakes.



If you’ve got a day at the races planned and you need help and inspiration. Please give us a call, or pop into the shop. We’re always happy to help and as always if you enjoyed this post please Like and Share using the social buttons.