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Introducing Le Chameau

Le Chameau- the Rolls Royce of the Wellie World


Whenever I think about wellies I can’t help thinking about the Billy Connolly song. You know the one from the 70’s:


“If it wisnae fur yer wellies, where wid ye be,

You’d be in the hospital or infirmary.

Cos you wid have a dose of flu,

Or even pleurisy,

If ye didnae have yer feet in yer wellies.”


For a townie Billy Connolly had an unexpectedly firm grasp on the importance of wellies, mainly because wellies are important to Glaswegians.


During the 70’s before the good times rolled, bling reigned and the sun shone for the two weeks of the Commonwealth Games, wellies were as integral to Glasgow life as they’ve always been to country life. Shorts and wellies were the summertime wardrobe of Glasgow’s inner city kids and weegie children all sported the tell tale tan line of cheap, smelly wellies, a mid-calf tideline that testified to the single day of sunshine in a long soggy summer.


Billy Connolly has long since outgrown Glasgow and cheap Woolworth Wellies. These days he is a countryman of means and we imagine he wears the best wellies money can buy.



Le Chameau Chasseur Wellingtons - the best wellies money can buy.

Le Chameau Chasseur Wellingtons – the best wellies money can buy.



Quite probably as a former welder on the docks of the Clyde he’d appreciate a wellington boot originally designed to meet the tough, testing requirements of fishermen, hunters, farmers and his French counterparts who worked the docks of Cherbourg?


Yes, we reckon that these days Billy Connolly wears Le Chameau. It’s a guess, but an educated one for Le Chameau wellies are without a shadow of a doubt the Rolls Royce of the wellie world. The best rubber boot bang for your buck. – A wellington crafted from natural rubber with the same care, technique and exacting attention to detail reserved for premium leather footwear.


We’ve witnessed the demise of other world beating wellies as they move production overseas and compromise on quality but Le Chameau have stuck to their gumboots.


The history of the illustrious bootmaker can be traced back to Monsieur Chamot who first produced his rubber boots to meet the needs of the workingmen of Normandy back in 1927.


Le Chameau boots are made using the same techniques perfected by

Le Chameau boots are made using the same techniques reserved for premium leather footwear. It takes 4 years to train as a Maitre Bottier.


He fused the traditions of master cobblers with new techniques, namely vulcanisation, producing boots of high quality, that were entirely waterproof, warm, comfortable and constructed with strong gripping soles that could withstand the testing conditions of farm and trawler. They were unsurprisingly an immediate success.


The atelier in Pont d'Ouilly.

The workshop in Pont d’Ouilly.


To this day the premium range of leather lined Chasseur Wellies are still made in the original and picturesque workshop in Pont d’Ouilly, Normandy by a Maître Bottier (master bootmaker) who has benefitted from 4 years of training. And the more keenly priced but equally high performing, cotton and neoprene range are produced to an exceptionally high standard in the former French territory of Casablanca, as they have been since 1949.


When it comes to yard work and persistent contact with fluids that would damage even the most durable leathers then Le Chameau are the optimal choice. We know we just said Le Chameau are the Rolls Royce of the wellie world but….they are also the Land Rover – the two analogies are not mutually exclusive – these boots are exceptionally elegant and well made, and they can go comfortably where no other boot can. Over hill and dale. Through river and sea.



Ensuring a waterproof and glove like fit.


Regardless how wet and filthy the conditions, Le Chameau’s glove like fit will keep your feet warm and dry.


You can if you choose have a pair custom made. But custom made, or not, when you’ve galloped them half to death and they’re looking a bit care worn you can send them back to the atelier in Pont d’Ouilly for a full medical. To the Wellie Boot Hospital or as Billy would call it – the infirmary.


You can’t really say fairer than that. Le Chameau est arrive!


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