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Kelso Civic Week

The ride outs


Kelso Civic Week is long standing event dating back to the early 1930’s. Kelso Civic Week was formally named in 1937 after a series of events created the need for a figure-head to carry the flag round the town, at the front of the parade. This figure head position was named Kelso Laddie. A tradition and name that has stayed  ever since and is traditionally held in the third week of July.


This year we were able to pop out and take a couple of short video clips to show what the rides out look like. We have the ride out to Floors Castle, where the riders are followed on bicycles by family and friends. Then there is the ride out to Yetholm, led by the Kelso Laddie. The ride to Yetholm involves crossing the Border into England. This is the act that then qualifies the Kelso Laddie for his Blue Bonnet.


This year, the ride outs were as popular as ever with a great number of riders turning up to participate. The videos also let you get a feel for the support shown by the rest of the town with the streets being lined to watch the ride out processions through the town square.


Kelso Civic Week – The Ride Out to Floors Castle


Kelso Civic Week – The Ride Out to Yetholm