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Le Chameau – The Secrets Behind the Brand

Some brands command a loyalty usually reserved for close friends and family. One of them is French company, Le Chameau, makers of the world’s best Wellingtons.

Devoted is perhaps too strong a word to describe how Le Chameau wearers feel about the makers of their boots – we are after all talking about vulcanised rubber so we’ll try to keep our descriptions of emotional responses to Le Chameau’s Wellington boots credible. But in the world of wellies Le Chameau command a trust and following other brands can only ever dream of.

The History of Le Chameau

Pronounced Le Sham-oh, the brand was founded in Normandy by Claude Chamot in 1927. In 1949 they branched out with a new factory in Casablanca Morocco, when they formally renamed themselves Le Chameau. Each pair of boots are expertly crafted by a single Maître Bottier (master bootmaker), a title that is only achieved after 9 months of intense training in the traditional skills that have been used for over 90 years.

How are Le Chameau boots made?

Once the rubber for each boot is hand-cut and trimmed, the soles moulded and the linings prepared, the Maître Bottier has everything required to begin crafting the boots. The rubber is stretched over an aluminium boot, that forms the classic Le Chameau shape. Once the shape of the boot has been created all fine details are added.

The boot is then vulcanised, where the rubber is essentially cooked at a high temperature for an accurate amount of time until the rubber becomes flexible and durable. Each style requires different temperatures and timings, therefore it is an extremely important part of the process to ensure a product that is of the highest quality and built to last. Once the boot has cooled it is fully submerged in water to make sure it is waterproof. They are then completely checked over for any flaws or imperfections and given a final polish. Given the level of exquisite detail the makers go to, to ensure their boots are waterproof, durable and comfortable it is no surprise that Le Chameau welly wearers never look back.


Why Le Chameau?

Le Chameau boots are made from a natural rubber that is waterproof, elastic and extremely hard-wearing. The natural rubber is harvested from the rubber tree in the form of latex, which sets into lumps of rubber that go through a series of processing stages to create a nimble rubber mix that goes into every pair of Le Chameau boots.

Are Le Chameau so much better than other wellies?

The easy answer to this question is yes and the best way to explain why is to walk you through the features.
Le Chameau Vierzonord: A first rate cold weather boot for walking.


Le Chameau Viezernord


Comfort Fit: Easy entry and adjustable straps. Ankle and arch supports for comfortable walking.
Warmth and Weatherproof: 3mm neoprene ensuring warmth down to -15°C.
Good Grip Bi-density and abrasion resistant, all-terrain grip.
Easy Care: Upper made from natural rubber, easily cleaned with warm (not hot) water.
Guarantee and Repairs: 2-year guarantee and full repair service if/when your boots do begin to wear.

Hopefully this sets the record straight and explains why Le Chameau are the the world’s best welly.


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