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Looking After Our Bees: Starting with the Garden


We can’t help but pollen love with our bumble bees, who are a joy to watch bumbling around our countryside. Not only are they great little helpers for our gardens (or window boxes), they also are extremely important for keeping our country scenery bright and bee-autiful. Here are some little ways that you can take care of the bees from the comfort of your own home.

Growing Bee Friendly Flowers

A lot of flowers that already grace our gardens might not necessarily be the best for our bumble bees, favourites like marigolds, roses (apparently, they don’t like the colour red very much, we learn something new every day) and chrysanthemums are some examples of flowers bees will not interact with much due to low pollen levels. While we don’t suggest digging up all your perennial rose bushes, you should make room for flowers like fox gloves, bee balm or thistles to keep your garden visitors happy.


Tip: Bee bombs are an amazing away to quickly create beautiful wildflower habitats for your bumble bees.


Growing Handy Herbs

Many of the herbs that we use in cooking or home remedies are also excellent pollinators for our bees; rosemary, marjoram, sage, thyme, and lavender are just a handful of herbs that come to mind. So, if they are good for you, chances are that they are good for the bees. Not only will your garden look wonderful, but it will also smell amazing.


Growing Vegetables and Fruits

A lot of fruits and vegetables would be non-existent without the help of pollinators, so if you are wanting to grow your own food sustainably from home, avoid damaging pesticides and keep in mind what the bumble bees love too. Along with some fruit trees (like plum or apple) you can grow berries, melons, squashes, potatoes, and so much more.


Tip: tomatoes can self-pollinate but will have better fruit and seed sets if pollinated by bees.


We hope that this blog has inspired you to give a bee a reason to shout ‘Honey I’m Home!’ when they visit your garden or window box. If you happen to spot any bumble bees, feel free to share a pic on social media with #ahumetakemehome.