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Meet Our Newest Brand… Fjallraven

New to A·Hume… Fjallraven

Fjallraven hails from the small town of Ornskoldsvik, Sweden, and has now found a home in the Scottish town of Kelso in our menswear and ladieswear stores. They are committed to making the benefits of nature accessible for everyone, something that with the stressors of everyday life, is extremely important. They do this by crafting innovative solutions in the form of outdoor clothing and equipment. In addition to this, they are one of the most passionate brands we have met when it comes to having ethical, sustainable, and environmentally friendly production.  We find that Fjallraven’s core values align with many of our own as people passionate about countryside life and the benefits it can have.

Introducing Fjallraven

How to Pronounce Fjallraven

Fjallraven means ‘the artic fox’ in Swedish, and for a lot of people not familiar with the Swedish language (like us) struggled with knowing how to pronounce their name correctly. It is pronounced f-yah-ll-r-ah-ven.

The History of Fjallraven

Ake Nordin founded Fjallraven in 1960 in his parent’s basement, after developing a backpack that could hold a large amount of gear comfortably. Through his stubborn belief that there must always be a practical solution to problems, he expanded Fjallraven’s product range significantly between the 60’s and 70’s. He made some of the brands most iconic products during this time including the Greenland Jacket, Expedition Down Jacket and the iconic Kanken Backpack. Today, Fjallraven have Asian production partners in China and South Korea to produce their clothing and gear, a long way from Ake’s basement where it all started. They understand that products that were labelled as ‘Made in China’ and ‘Made in Korea’ once meant ‘cheap rubbish’, and they are looking to change this image by working with their Asian production partners to create their quality, toxic-free, and sustainable products. The manufacturers they work with also treat their employees like family, with Jake Lah, the owner of the DAC factory in Seoul stating:

“If my workers are healthy and happy, then we will make money. Not the other way around.”

The Fjallraven Mission

Their core mission is, and always will be, to enable and inspire everyone to spend time outdoors and in nature. With this in mind, they thoughtfully create and design their products for a lifetime of wear. Fjallraven are a highly ethical brand that always balance their products functionality with their environmental impact. They are always looking for new ways to make their products organic, recyclable, or renewable wherever possible in their production process. Fjallraven also make sure that all the materials that they collect from animals are traceable and cruelty free. They do not use real fur, they don’t use down from live plucking and their wool is mulesing free.

Reasons Why You Should Buy Fjallraven

A lot of people wonder if Fjallraven is worth the price tag…we believe it is worth the money because it is an investment not only in your wardrobe, but also your future.

Quality Worth Every Penny

Fjallraven’s higher price tag shows its dedication to making the highest quality products in the most ethical way they possibly can. They deliver high quality and hardwearing products that are designed for a lifetime of wear when the proper care is taken. 

Made from a Wealth of Knowledge and Experience

Fjallraven’s founder famously designed his products based around everyday problems that people faced when trying to explore the great outdoors. Everything from the Greenland Winter Jacket to the Kanken Backpack were designed to be an innovative solution for making nature more accessible for everyone. Though he has passed, Fjallraven still hold true to their mission statement, and use their wealth of knowledge and experience to keep making the best in outdoor equipment and clothing.

Ethical Clothing and Equipment

As we stated earlier, Fjallraven is a highly ethical brand. They are constantly researching and developing their products to ensure they can be organic, recyclable, or renewable whenever possible. For example, their iconic G-1000 fabric now has an Eco counterpart that is made from recycled polyester and cotton. They also make sure that all their materials for their products is cruelty-free. Not only are their products ethical, but they are also made to be the best in outdoor clothing and equipment.

Supporting Charities Through the Artic Fox Initiative

When you buy a Fjallraven coat you are not just buying a luxury product, you are supporting environmental protection, funding charity and conservation initiates. Purchasing Fjallraven products allows for their Artic Fox Initiative to award several non-profit organisations each year that either have a goal of protecting the environment, or help others spend more time in nature. Some of the 2021 recipients were the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics (an American non-profit organisation that teaches people how to enjoy nature responsibly) and The 2 Minute Foundation (a UK based charity that inspire people to clean the planet two minutes at a time).

Limited Lifetime Warranty for Products

Fjallraven also offer a limited lifetime warranty on products bought from themselves or their authorised sellers list.  It covers manufacturing defects such as split seams, broken snaps and/or buttons, broken zippers and broken buckles. It does not cover accidental damage e.g. staining, fading due to improper care, etc.

More About Our Fjallraven Clothing Collection

All of Fjallraven’s clothing is built sustainably for a lifetime in nature.

What is Fjallraven Clothing Made From

The of core fabrics that Fjallraven uses in its products are:

Eco-shell: A hardworking and breathable material that resists wind and rain that is made from recycled polyester with PFC-Free impregnation (which means that it is free from fluorocarbons: chemical compounds that can harm the environment). For every purchase of a piece of their Eco-Shell clothing, Fjallraven also climate compensate (this is when a company makes a voluntary financial contributions to projects that will offset the carbon footprint that they will have created).

G-1000: One of their ‘cornerstone’ materials, it is a densely woven fabric made from 65% polyester and 35% cotton. Because of Fjallraven’s continued commitment to sustainability, they now have Eco versions of G-1000 fabrics made from recycled polyester and organic cotton. You can give G-1000 (and G-1000 Eco) fabric customisable weather protection dependant on how much Greenland Wax you apply to it (they took inspiration from an old trick used by ski jumpers who made their waterproof clothing using ski wax). For example, while water and wind resistant, Fjallraven’s Greenland Winter Jacket’s G-1000 Eco material can be made more waterproof depending on how much you impregnate it with Greenland Wax. Most of their G-1000 garments come pre-waxed, but to apply your Greenland Wax follow these simple steps:

Make your Fjallraven last l0nger by applying Greenland Wax following this step-by-step guide

Step 1

Apply your Greenland Wax by taking your block and rub it with long strokes along the fabric while applying a bit of pressure. This should leave behind a thin and even layer of wax on the fabric.

Step 2

Apply heat to the wax to melt it into the fabric (the wax melts between 55℃ and 60℃), you can do this with either a hot iron or a hairdryer. Make sure that the wax remains evenly spread and does not become too runny.

Step 3

If you require more waterproof protection, once the first layer of wax is dry on the fabric, repeat steps 1 and 2 to increase the G-1000 fabrics water resistance.

Meaning you can have your Greenland Winter Jacket ready for a rainy walk, or even customise it to be a perfect ski jacket!

How Does Fjallraven Sizing Compare

If you are worried about products from Fjallraven fitting too small or too big, here are some sizing guides for Fjallraven clothing that you can reference below. We have also included a size conversion chart.

Find your Fjallraven Size

Find the perfect shirt fit

Find the perfect trouser fit

Fjallraven Ladies size conversion chart

Fjallraven Men’s size conversion chart

Tip: Have a Look at our Fjallraven collection.

Jackets and Parkas for Colder Weather

Fjallraven jackets are high performance and will last for years when taken care of, so we would say they are well worth the investment. All their jackets are ethically made, even their faux fur trimmings . Since Fjallraven truly believe that the suffering of animals for people to satisfy their own needs is unacceptable, they make a strong stand against using real fur and instead use their synthetic alternative, Arctic Fox. They also supply some of the best down-filled jackets, how do we know that? Well, the performance of a fill down jacket is a combination of fill power and fill weight. Anything worth its salt will have a fill power that is higher than 550 CUIN  (Cubic Inches), and Fjallraven provides some of the highest fill down jackets, with a fill weight that ensures they will be unparalleled in warmth. For example, their Expedition Pack Down Hoodie has a fill power of 700 CUIN and a fill weight of 110g, meaning it will keep you cosy while being flexible enough for outdoor activities. We also have some of the warmest Fjallraven parka’s now available at A·Hume, including the brand-new Yupik Parka for men, that has an ultralight and featherlike down, synthetic insulation- perfect for providing extra warmth under a shell jacket. For women we have both the Kiruna Padded Parka and the Nuuk Parka available (the Nuuk even has fleece lined hand warming pockets!).

Trousers for Trekking

As part of our new collection at A·Hume, we selected some of the best Fjallraven trousers available. Both the Kaipak Trousers Curved for ladies and the Vidda Pro Ventilated Trousers for men are made with Fjallraven’s G-1000 material that gives superior wind and rain resistance. The trousers can be suited to your waterproofing needs with Fjallraven’s Greenland Wax.

Tip: We also have Abisko trail tights available for ladies that are light and technical, they are great for hiking and those who prefer a better range of movement.

Hardwearing Shirts and Sweaters

Our new Fjallraven collection also offers an extensive range of underlayers, including shirts, sweatshirts and tees. Our men’s Fyallglim LS Shirt is light, warm, and is made from polyester flannel with hollow fibres that insulate and wicks away moisture so you can stay warm, dry and comfortable. Their shirts and sweaters are also made as sustainably as possible. Such as their men’s Canada Shirt which is made with recycled wool, and their men’s Lada Round-Neck Sweater made with traceable wool, and our Ovik Flannel Shirt for ladies which is made from organic cotton.

Cosy Hats and Beanies

In the colder months it’s important to not lose heat from your head and also keep your ears warm, no point being cosy from toe to neck – it’s from head to toe. We have a range of cosy Fjallraven hats and beanies in our A∙Hume collection, some of our highlights being the Classic Knit Hat with its soft, traceable merino wool, that is two-layer flat knitted for extra insulation (perfect for keeping our heads toastie!). We also love the Byron Hat with its double knitted wool that is so comfortable and cosy to wear when the weather is chilly. All our new hats and beanies feature the iconic Fjallraven branding on them. 

Kanken Backpacks: What Makes Them Special and Popular

No Fjallraven collection is complete without the iconic Kanken Backpack. The Kanken’s popularity has grown from strength to strength, adored by globe trotters, adventurers, and city slickers alike. With a huge range of colours to choose from there is a Kanken for everyone, and we like to think we have picked some of the best colours to include in our Fjallraven collection. Here are some of the reasons why you should grab one while you can!

Kanken Backpacks: It’s Eco-friendly, Sustainable and Vegan

Kanken backpacks are wonderfully sustainable through their longevity. They are made of a synthetic material called Vinylon F which is not only long lasting, but functions like a natural material by swelling when it gets damp, meaning they can resist rain showers without needing a coating that would harm the environment. Because they are made from a synthetic material, they also have the bonus of being completely vegan and ethically produced. A lifelong friend, this is why the Kanken backpack is worth the money.

Kanken Backpacks: It’s Perfect for Travelling

As Fjallraven says, ‘straight backs are happy backs!’ and the Kanken was originally created to help stop Swedish school children having back pain. They are proud to say that over 43 years later, they have straightened millions of backs across the world with their backpacks! It’s the ideal backpack for travelling, whether you are heading to school or travelling to work. With it having adjustable straps and a cushioned back, the backpack is comfortable to wear. It is also a good choice of backpack if you need a hardworking backpack for hiking or trekking. The original Kanken has a 16L volume limit, meaning it has plenty room for all the necessities like hiking equipment, clothes, books etc. You can even fit a water bottle (like a 21oz hydro flask) in its side sleeve and there is plenty of room in it to fit in your laptop for working on the go. Another bonus when having the backpack with you travelling is that the cushioned back can also be removed to use as a seat pad wherever you are.

Our very own Managing Director owns a faithful Kanken Backpack and she said that:

“For all you can fit in it, it remains extremely comfortable without compromising on style. It doesn’t look overly technical, but I can vouch for the comfort!”

So, we can guarantee that it has our official seal of approval for being the perfect travel bag.

Kanken Backpacks: Easy to Look After

Kanken backpacks are made with hard-wearing Vinylon F, which means they can withstand dirt and liquid. It is easy to keep clean, by simply using warm water and a brush. Do not machine wash your Kanken as this will damage the backpack.

Our Highlights for Fjallraven Menswear

Pictured: Skogso Padded Jacket, Koster Sweater, Fjallglim Shirt, Vidda Pro Ventilated Trousers, Ovik Flannel Shirt, Ovik Melange Beanie, Kanken Backpack 

Our Highlights for Fjallraven Ladieswear

Pictured: Nuuk Parka, Ovik Flannel Shirt, Abisko Trail Tights, Kanken Backpack, Byron Hat

We are so excited to be bring Fjallraven to A Hume. With their core values around quality clothing and sustainable production they are the perfect fit.

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