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Meindl Boots – Three Walks with a Difference

bhutan boots meindl

Bhutan walking boots, Meindl.

In celebration of the arrival of Spring and our collection of Meindl boots we’ve devised a guide to three of our favourite walks – each one unique and just a little bit unusual.


They all have great views and stunning locations as you would expect but on top of this each has something unique, a quirk or particular claim to fame to tickle your walking fancy.


Get out there and enjoy the arrival of longer days and lighter skies.



The Chain Walk, Elie


the chain walk

The Chain Walk, Elie. Image source: Pinterest.


Elie is famed for its golden sandy beaches, links golf course and lavish second homes but not everyone knows of the Chain Walk, located to the north west of Earlsferry at Kincraig Point.


The walk follows the rocky cliffs around the inside of Kilduff Cave and up over Kincraig Point from West Bay to Shell Bay for around ½ a kilometre using chains anchored into the rock face. You don’t need to be an expert climber to do it, and the walk is achievable for older children but adventurers should be aware that there are 8 chains, some vertical, and a total height gain of 10m.


Climbers should also be aware of rising tides as it is possible to become stranded at points and it can be a bit of a scramble. Enormous fun and a right of passage for local children.


More info: The Chain Walk, Elie


The Innocent Railway, Edinburgh


Not many people have heard of Edinburgh’s first railway track, popularly known as The Innocent Railway. Originally built for horse-drawn trams carrying coal and agricultural supplies in and out of the Capital, it soon converted to steam and passengers.


the innocent tunnel

The Innocent Tunnel, expectedly gloomy but worth it to pop out in Banwich Nature Reserve. Image source: Pinterest.


The walk begins just off Holyrood Park Rd in the St Leonard’s area of the city, with a mysterious tunnel that adds to the sense of secrecy and legend surrounding the Innocent Railway. The tunnel is well disguised so check out google maps and be prepared to root around for the entrance. The tunnel is 500m and a little gloomy – goes with the territory – but it pops out pleasantly in the leafy surrounds of Holyrood Park and Banwich Nature Reserve.


The walk continues on to Duddingston, with a path beyond through Niddrie Mains and on to Brunstane where you can catch a train back into town.  You can also cycle this route.


More info: The Innocent Railway, Edinburgh.


Murder Mystery Tour, Kelso


Like most good ideas this one is dead simple. Devise a murder mystery tour of your local town or village, using all your cunning and inside knowledge. Package it attractively and make it available online for families, friends and folk everywhere to download and enjoy at their leisure.


kelso abbey

Look for clues at Kelso Abbey. Image source: Pinterest.


The Treasure Trails folk have done exactly that, recruiting locals the length and breadth of Scotland to help them. The Kelso Murder Mystery Tour takes in the full radius of the town centre with a number of clues in the grounds of the Abbey.


Great family fun for the holiday weekend. Successful detectives are encouraged to submit their answer to the Treasure Trails folk with the chance of winning £1,000.


More info: Treasure Trails, UK


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