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Meindl Walking, Hunting and Hiking Boot Guide

All you need to know about investing in a good pair of walking boots, from light walking to serious hiking and hunting.


Anyone who has ever walked more than the length of themselves in the great outdoors will tell you that a good pair of well-fitting, comfortable boots that steady and support you on terrain are the most essential component of a happy walker’s kit.

Recent years have seen a revolution in the way walking boots are designed and constructed. New technologies, such as Gore-Tex® and Vibram have been developed to meet the needs of walkers, hikers and hunters.

Read Vern Cotter’s opinion on the Meindl Dovre Pro GTX Boots in our Tried and Tested blog post. “I can definitely say they’re the most comfortable boots I’ve ever worn.” Image credit: John Paul.


German specialist, Meindl are at the forefront of this revolution:

  • They made their first Gore-Tex® in 1982. Since then Meindl has developed multiple ground-breaking technologies and construction techniques to aid performance and comfort for all levels of activity.
  • All shoes and boots are made to exacting German standards at the Meindl factory in Kirchanschöring, Bavaria.
  • Over 200 steps are required in the hand-crafted manufacturing of Meindl walking boots and shoes.
  • They command huge loyalty amongst those who wear them and for those in the know they are the ultimate go to walking boot.




Choosing the Right Boot or Shoe

Walking, trekking and hiking boots are designed for different levels of activity, from dog walking and general country use on established trails to more challenging hiking and hunting in mountainous terrain.

It’s vital to match the boot to the level of intended activity. Below is a small sample of our extensive Meindl range that demonstrates the principle of the right boot for the right terrain.

Please visit us online for the full men’s and ladies’ Meindl range.


Meindl Caracas GTX Shoes and Boots

Ideal dog-walker and country all-rounder.

The Meindl Caracas GTX is an innovative walking shoe and boot crafted with nubuck leather with a waxed upper. Its sturdy but lightweight design makes it ideal for leisure and general country wear on established trails and paths. It’s Gore-Tex® lining ensures it is waterproof and breathable – it laughs in the face of wet, muddy tracks – and the durable Vibram sole ensures you stay the right way up when things get slippy. Available for both mens and ladies in both a shoe and ankle boot version for extra ankle support.

Key Features
• Nubuck leather with waxed upper
• Gore-Tex® lined, waterproof and breathable
• Air Active footbed
• Urban Walker sole by Vibram® for outstanding grip


Meindl Journey Pro GTX Shoes and Boots

Ideal for everyday leisure, whether activities in nature, or a trip to the city.

The Meindl Journey GTX Shoe and Boot is made from nubuck leather and mesh fabrics, making it lighter in weight than the leather Meindl Caracas. Part of the ComforFit range with extra space for wider feet with a firm grip on the heel, the Journey GTX is fully waterproof and breathable with an air-active wellness sport footbed for extra comfort. Available for both mens and ladies in both a shoe and ankle boot version for extra ankle support.

Key Features
• Nubuck leather and mesh upper
• Everyday leisure
• Gore-Tex® waterproof and breathable
• ComfotFit range
• Toe rubber rand to prevent scuffs and scrapes
• Air-active wellness sport footbed




Meindl Respond GTX Shoes and Boots

Lightweight boots with good ankle support for casual hiking.

The Meindl Respond Mid GTX is made from breathable mesh and velour fabrics with a similar technical specification to the Meindl Portland GTX shoe and is designed to tackle similar sub-alpine terrain. The difference in the mid-height design that offers additional ankle support for general hiking. Available for both mens and ladies in both a shoe and ankle boot version for extra ankle support.

Key Features
• Velour leather and mesh upper
• Mid height boot offering ankle support
• Gore-Tex® Extended Comfort XCR, waterproof and breathable
• Cupped heal stabiliser
• Toe rubber rand to prevent scuffs and scrapes
• Meindl Contragrip Trail sole for outstanding grip


Meindl Veneto GTX Boots

Exceptional trekking boot for lengthy, mid-level hikes.

The Meindl Veneto GTX is made from soft waxed nubuck leather and is a lightweight hiking boot and part of the ComfortFit range. The waxed leather uppers, Gore-Tex® lining and a Meindl Comfort Fit Hiker 2 sole unit with cork and fleece foot footbed ensure this boot is perfect for all weather and terrains, keeping your feet dry and comfortable of long periods of wear.

Key Features

  • Nubuck leather
  • Gore-Tex® lined, breathable and waterproof
  • ComfortFit for wider feet
  • Cork and fleece footbed for added comfort
  • Meindl comfort fit hiker 2 sole unit
  • Tug on heel for easy donning


Meindl Dovre Pro GTX Boots

High-performance hiking and hunting boot for challenging terrain.

The Meindl Dovre Pro GTX boots are an absolute warrior for those in need of a trusted boot for hiking or hunting in challenging terrain. The Meindl Multigriff® by Vibram® and wrap around, rubber bumper on the nubuck leather ensures the boots can cope with inhospitable stony ground. The DiGAfix® lacing system gives you flexibility when you need it on steep terrain and the Air-Active footbed holds your foot comfortably and reliably. This is a surefooted, totally waterproof asset for anyone who spends their time in rough, tough, wet terrain. An absolute legend. Also available as a longer length boot:

Key Features
• Waxed nubuck leather upper
• Gore-Tex® membrane, waterproof and breathable
• DiGAfix® lacing allows for flexibility and reduces pressure around the foot
• Air-Active Soft Print footbed
• Wide fit
• Meindl Multigriff® by Vibram® for outstanding grip




Fitting Advice


Bring hiking socks with you. Socks of different thicknesses not only make a clear difference in the volume but also in the length of the boot. If you wear orthopaedic insoles, you should bring these with you when buying boots and try them out in the boots.


The first priority is to tighten the boots correctly. Push your heel back, centre the tongue, and lace up. Be aware of the 2-zone lacing when doing so! When walking up mountains, lace the lower area up to the locking hooks (the lower laces on the top of the foot) tightly, and the ankle area above rather more loosely, in order to allow for flexion. When walking down mountains, mainly tie the laces on the ankle area tighter in the area of the ankle bend in order to prevent the foot sliding forwards.


Do not insist on your presumed boot size. Also, try on alternative sizes. Your boot size is not fixed. Your feet are smaller in the mornings, so shop for boots in the afternoon when your feet have warmed and expanded. In addition, the muscles deteriorate with age, the arch is reduced, the foot becomes longer and wider, and thus larger. In cases of doubt, buy the boot that is slightly larger.

Check the fit

Does the heel fit? Can you stand comfortably in the boots? Does the boot fit well regarding the volume? Do your toes have enough room? The following rule of thumb applies: In a boot that fits, the foot has around 1 cm of space at the toe (test with a finger). Many boots are purchased that are too small. Do they pinch anywhere? The width can be stretched and/or will adjust with time when broken in – but not the length. But boots that are too large and, primarily, too wide are not good either.

Try Walking

Always try on both boots. And above all: Take your time. Once you find boots that fit keep them on for at least 10 minutes, because the leather and the interior, such as foam, will warm up and adjust. When walking up mountains, it is also a matter of how the heel fits, which you can adjust with the lacing. The feet must have a bit of air, but if you slide up and down in the boot then you will get blisters.




For further advice:

The A Hume shop at 22 Horsemarket, Kelso stocks a wide selection of Meindl walking shoes and boots, and our specialist staff can offer expert advice on which boot is right for you.

The same extensive Meindl range is available online and the same expert advice is just a phone call, or email away: 01573 224 620,


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