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Cool Wool – Merino for All Seasons

Many people are aware of Merino wool’s warm insulating properties that make it ideal for winter. It’s less well known that these attributes also make it ideal for summer and warm climates.


Merino a wool for all seasons


Reaching for Merino in the depths of winter has become second nature to those of us who spend time outdoors or live in old, draughty houses. Soft and warm against our skin, we’ve learned to our advantage that it’s a highly efficient insulator that provides warmth without bulk and allows our skin to breath. Perfect for country life where its natural properties will be appreciated.


Its less likely you’ll be aware that these same natural efficiencies also keep you cool in warm weather, making Merino garments ideal for summer and warm climates. Manufactured into luxurious, fine, lightweight fabrics Merino helps regulate body temperature, insulating it against extreme heat, allowing the body to breath, and directing moisture away from the skin.


Soft, breathable summer-weight Merino helps keep you cool and fresh in the heat. It can absorb up to 35% of its weight in moisture without losing its breathability and has a naturally high, lanolin content that minimises odour.


Plus, its superior elasticity and resilience mean it can be manufactured into fine, low wrinkle textiles that maintain their drape and shape in even the lightest weight garments.


Cool wool


Merino wool controls the microclimate of the body more effectively than other textiles in hot and cold conditions.



Temperature regulation


Merino wool is prized for its tight, even crimp i.e. the spring like coil of the fibres (see image above), as well as at microscopic level. This structure enables the fibres to trap air in pockets that create a cool insulating barrier against heat.



Soft, fine and luxurious



Merino is highly versatile and high performing when used in luxurious, feather-weight textiles and fine knits. It is naturally elastic and resists creasing, due to the strength and structural integrity of its crimp. It’s hard-wired to bounce back into shape, maintaining its shape and drape in even the finest knits.


Even when spun into very fine yarn its strong durable fibres resist breaking and fraying making it one of the smoothest, most luxurious, next to skin garments. This quality also makes it incredibly hard-wearing, even after repeated wear.



Moisture wicking


Water absorption is important as it dictates skin temperature. As we heat up we release more moisture. Removing this moisture helps regulate body temperature. The more moisture a fabric can absorb the more even the temperature. If a fabric becomes saturated in moisture skin temperature increases and you’ll feel hot and sticky.


As expected, Merino compares well to synthetic fibres. It can absorb an impressive 35% of its body weight in moisture compared to polyester -1%, and nylon (polyamide) only 7%. It also out ranks cotton, at 24%, a fabric we tend to think of as naturally cool.




Choose lightweight Merino in hot, humid conditions and you increase your chances of staying cool and fresh. A Merino wrap is the ideal holiday accessory. It helps regulate body temperature and protects against the sun’s harmful rays.



Odour and stain resistant


Merino wool’s naturally high Lanolin content makes it resistant to the odour producing bacteria in sweat. This protective layer also makes it repellent to stains.





Merino wool has strong, smooth highly elastic fibres that generate very little static. This means it doesn’t attract as much dust, lint and fur as other textiles making it a good choice for allergy sufferers and those with pets.



Natural Barrier to UV


Merino wool has a higher UV protection factor (30-50) than cotton or synthetics, helping protect against the sun’s harmful rays. However, we still recommend the use of sunscreen.



Ideal for Travel


Merino’s ability to adapt to climate conditions and maintain equilibrium make it an ideal choice for those who travel a lot and want their clothes to perform well at home and overseas.


Merino’s natural crease resistance makes it ideal for packing and travel.




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