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New to A Hume… Keen Footwear

Let us Introduce Keen

Walking the walk since 2003, Keen has been making an impact on our footwear and our planet. The brands’ philosophy of creating new possibilities has led to a reputation of helping to support good causes and finding solutions for everyday needs. Martin Keen created the brand after needing footwear that combined his love of sailing and sandals, this led to a hybrid sandal perfect for outdoor activities and an award for ‘Launch of the Year’ by Footwear News. In 2004, the tsunami hit the Indian Ocean and they dedicated their entire one-million-dollar advertising budget to relief efforts and other important causes, this decision has shaped their brand culture to this very day. In 2006, they moved their manufacturing from Alameda, California to Portland Oregon and expanded their range to include cold weather footwear; they have been ‘American built’ ever since. They have continued to make a difference and continue to make shoes that make a difference.


Tip: Learn more about the history of Keen on their website


How Keen Helps Look After our Countryside

Keen strives to leave the world better than they found it. They understand that creating shoes leaves an impact on the environment, and they are dedicated to finding ways to go over and above industry standards. By being conscientious advocates, they hope to protect the world that we all live in. The water repellent for their shoes is over 95% PFC-free as they work towards our environment being free of slow degrading, fluorinated compounds.  They also source 95% of their leather from tanneries certified by the Leather Working Group, meaning they have been audited for responsible chemical and waste management, energy use, air emissions and water treatment. They have taken it a step further by using a natural alternative (Cleansport NXT) to break down odour and sweat, this stopping 7,000 kg of pesticides/biocides from going into the environment every year.


Why we Love Keen at A Hume

Keen footwear is a perfect fit for the A∙Hume family. Like us, they are passionate about looking after the environment and the people in it. Keen’s core values of quality, integrity, health, to care and to pioneer means that while we explore the beautiful countryside, Keen will keep our feet comfortable and our footprint small. We are so proud to represent this brand, we truly believe they hold all our countryside values close to heart.


The Keen Collection at A Hume

Pictured: Targhee III WP Shoes


Pictured: Highland Shoes (Blue Nights and Drizzle)


Pictured: Highland Shoes (Castle and Drizzle)


Pictured: Pyrenees Boots


Pictured: Targhee III Mid WP Boots


Pictured: Ridge Flex Mid Boots