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No Wire Hangers, Ever!

Choosing the Best Hangers for your Clothes





Perhaps it’s the fact that at A Hume we’ve just purchased a staggering number of smooth broad shouldered wooden hangers for our vast and stunning autumn collection, 6,500 to be precise, but we’ve been thinking a lot about how best to store clothes.


If you invest wisely in beautifully crafted, well made clothes, a splendid tweed Magee jacket for instance, then clearly you will want to take very good care of it. Not only does this entail not spilling your lunch down it and discouraging the dog from using it as a blanket, but storing it properly so that it maintains it’s shape and drape. And this means using the right hanger.


Now we all know that wire hangers are fit for nothing more than fashioning an emergency TV ariel for a small black & white portable telly, the sort that are thankfully now obsolescent due to the digital era. However no one makes the point more strongly than Faye Dunaway, as Joan Crawford in the biopic Mommie Dearest.


In a comically, harrowing scene the controlling Joan opens her daughter’s wardrobe to quench her OCD thirst by drinking in the sight of row upon row of expensive clothes draped from the shoulders of hangers even more padded than her own. However instead she is greeted by spindly wire hangers, an act of sartorial criminality  that causes her to flip into one of film history’s greatest scenes of melodrama. Raging beyond reason, she thrashers her daughter whilst screaming with repeated, blood-curdling emphasis “No wire hangers, ever!”


It’s a phrase that immediately became a pop culture classic and despite the fact we don’t condone beating users of wire hangers, we can’t help but agree – “No wire hangers, ever!”


Instead we advocate wooden hangers, strong, sturdy specimens that will hold their own against even the heaviest garments. Padded hangers are all very well for light delicate clothes such as silk, or chiffon, fabrics that might easily snag, but they’ll cause irreparable shoulder bumps in knitwear, tweeds and heavier fabrics.


Wooden hangers are designed so that clothes will not hang too closely together, there should be room for air to circulate between the clothes to minimise abrasion. If garments are prevented from rubbing against each other they will last longer and maintain their ‘new’ look.


So when your clothes return from the dry cleaners encased in plastic, on skimpy wire hangers, tear off the plastic so they can breathe and liberate them immediately before they leave indelible lumps on your shoulders.


Pick of the best – Wooden hangers


Bumerang Hanger, Ikea



Bumerang, by Ikea £4 for 8 pack.


FSC Combination, John Lewis


Mid range

John Lewis FSC Combination Hanger,  £7.


Cedar Hanger


Blow the Budget


Cedar Men’s Suit Hanger with Bar, The Holding Company, £28.80.