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Over Knee Socks for Winter

Is this a trend that works on real women?


There are certain fashion trends that don’t work in real life. They’re fine if you work in fashion – even in it’s broadest sense, and for our purposes we include chi chi hair salons – but if you happen, for instance, to run a Deli in Kirriemuir – is their a deli in Kirriemuir? – or you’re a Vet in Harrogate, then it’s tricky to work these moments of perilous fashion whimsy into your life.


Over knee socks - is this a trend that can work on real women?

Over knee socks – is this a trend that can work on real women? Image source: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/336292297145569193/


One particularly tricky trend that’s been raising its coquettish head is the over knee sock worn. Yes, it’s ever so Betty Boop. And we get that it’s ‘ironic’ and in no way designed to play with notions of saucy schoolgirls – that would be a cultural double standard too far – but really? Can it ever work?


Oddly enough….it can. It would appear that the trick is to incorporate a little ‘tough’ into your look, perhaps a pair of stompy boots, or a big old Barbour jacket. A bit of rugged country attitude to dilute the ‘dolly’ effect and root you on sartorial terra firma.


Here’s what we’re talking about:


Sweater Dress Look


A chunky or cable knit worn over knee with a pair of Dubarry’s, with a long loopy scarf and an oversized Nordic jumper dress in trend ticking monochrome is an easy weekend look. Be warned though bare legs are only for the brave, so wear some wool opaques beneath your over knees.


Image source:http://www.pinterest.com/pin/296674694174347728/


What you need to make this look work:


From the left: Dubarry Alpaca Socks, Dubarry Longford Boot in black and Johnstons of Elgin Chevron Rib Lamora Scarf.


Skinnie Look


My my, doesn’t she make it look easy? And that’s because it is – long equestrian boots, over knee socks and skinny jeans. Of all the over knee looks this is the most egalitarian. It works for all ages and is super flattering because the eye is drawn to the skinniest part of the leg.


Image source: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/247768416969302296/


Here’s what you need to make this look work:


pantherella candy socks

From the left: Dubarry Clare Boots in black, NYDJ Jegging and Pantherella Candy Knee High Stripe Socks.


Leggings & Layering Look


Got to love a layer. Especially in the colder months. Pop a pair of over knees on over some leggings, add a pair of bo-ho patterned ankle socks like the Pantherella Edie Fairisle Ankle and a knit with lots of textural interest on your upper half, a long old school cardi, or classic Barbour and some good stompy ankle boots to complete the look.


leggings and over knees

Image source: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/37576978112670721/


Here’s what you need to make this look work:


naomi socks

From left: Dubarry Claddagh Sweater, RM Williams Gardener Boots and Pantherella Naomi Knee High Contrast Top Heel and Toe.



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