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Schoffel (ly) Funny

How a joke about a German baby explains all you need to know about German brand Schoffel.


There’s a joke, about a British couple who adopt a German baby. For 5 years, they love and care for him but he doesn’t say a word. They worry that he’s deaf, or mute. They take him to specialists who say there’s nothing wrong.


Then one day, as he’s eating some apple strudel, he says: “This apple strudel is a bit tepid.”


“Wolgang,” they gasp, “you can talk? Why have you never spoken before?”


“Up until now everything has been satisfactory.”


Now, chuckles aside, this joke explains very well the success and appeal of the German country clothing brand Schoffel.


It tells you all you need to know about the character of the brand. Namely, that  Schoffel are intensely focused on performance and believe in economy of expression.


There’s no room for humour at the cutting edge of the technical clothing market. Just total commitment. And it is Schoffel’s total commitment to innovation in the design and manufacture of lightweight, performance outdoor clothing that makes them the market leader.


German Revolution


Schoffel’s history dates back to Bavaria, 1804 but it was the decisions and actions of Hubert Schoffel that made the business what it is today.


In the ‘60’s, guided in part by his own passion for the outdoor life he repositioned the company as a sports and outdoor clothing manufacturer. Adopting the motto Ich bin raus (I’m out) he sought to capitalise on the growing market for technical kit.


Schoffel's revolutionary GORE-TEX® Ski collection from the '80's.

Schoffel’s revolutionary GORE-TEX® Ski collection from the ’80’s.


When GORE-TEX® hit in the ‘80’s he immediately understood the potential of this new wonder fabric to revolutionise the outdoor clothing market. However, GORE-TEX® failed to deliver on its early promise. Technical deficiencies caused manufacturers to abandon GORE-TEX® and the revolution ground to a halt.


Not Schoffel. Hubert Schoffel threw even more resources at R&D, working in close partnership with GORE-TEX®  to overcome the deficiencies. Then having resolved the issues they developed a ground-breaking Schoffel/GORE-TEX® ski range, went to market and cleaned up.


At this point – when Schoffel had sold out, down to every last garment in his Bavarian factory – it’s plausible to assume Hubert Schoffel cracked a smile.


Ski Wear to Country Wear


Smiling complete. Excited by the new technology, Schoffel set about exploring potential GORE-TEX® applications in other markets.


Using the same principles of partnership development, Schoffel entered a period of intensive research and development. Working with established makers of high end country sportswear to understand the requirements of wearers, they sought to develop a shooting jacket like no other seen before.


Schoffel Ptarmigan Ultralight Coat - the definitive shooting coat.

Schoffel Ptarmigan Ultralight – the definitive shooting coat.


The result was the Ptarmigan, a shooting jacket that conformed to the traditional aesthetics of the sport, whilst offering the very best experience for the wearer. A good shooting jacket should allow you to focus on the shooting without the distraction of leaks. You don’t want to be too hot, or too cold – it should just do its job. And that’s what the Ptarmigan did.


It was an immediate success. And now, over 20 years later, after several refinements, and the development of additional technological fabrics; Cordura®, to enhance durability and strength without adding weight, and Meryl® a specialist hydrophobic fabric that has very low affinity for water and dries exceptionally quickly – the Ptarmigan is the definitive super-lightweight, high-performance shooting jacket against which all others are judged.


Schoffel Kensington Jacket - the best down coat on the market.

Schoffel Kensington Jacket – the best down coat on the market.


Today, Schoffel offer an extensive country wear range, aimed at the sports and leisure market. By taking as much care over the looks, cut and design of their range they are now positioned as the market leaders in terms of both looks and performance.



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