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Seasonal Ideas for Home and Garden


Spring may be slow to get going outside – a dearth of daffodils blowing their trumpets in a gentle breeze and an absence of pear and cherry blossom – but indoors it’s in full bloom.


We show you how to kick start spring in your home.





Tired of waiting for spring to arrive?

Bring some blossom indoors and force it. Snip branches of pear, apple, cherry, quince or plum just as buds appear and put somewhere warm in a stately vase.


stjudes_birdgarden_covers blog

Bring a fresh feel to soft furnishings.

Doing something as simple as adding some new cushions can completely alter the feel of a room. St Jude’s makes and sells unique printed fabrics and wallpapers created by artists, and inspired by the seasons and landscape. We particularly love Mark Hearld’s Bird Garden and Angie Lewin’s Hedgerow.


Painted Jars

Painted jars.

The simplest craft project ever. Get some old glass jars, pour in a little oil based paint, replace the lid and swirl the jar until the colour coats the entire inside of the jar. Remove the lid and allow to dry.


Digital Spring Clean

Spring Clean.

No, not your house, how about your digital world? Your inbox, your email contacts, your social network, your cloud files and photos. Guaranteed feel good factor once it’s done.


Bauhuas Birdhouse

Feed the Birds.

The slow start to spring means birds are especially hungry and feeding them remains important. This clever Bauhaus inspired, ornithologist designed birdhouse from The French House acts as a feeder and can be converted into a nesting box. The birdhouse also comes in a more tradtional scandinavian chalet style design.




You may be tired of hearing it but simply trimming your possession can make you feel like you have more – it’s like magic, anti-materialist alchemy.


Spring Picnic

Eat outdoors.

If you wait for the sun to come out it’ll never happen. Take a cue from our Scandinavian cousins, wrap yourself in a blanket and venture outside with your morning coffee, or lunchtime soup. Look at the sky, soak up the vitamin D and breathe deep on the crisp Spring air.


Wine Crate Shelves

Hang some shelves.

Go on you can do it – it’s easy and it helps if you go for that old, wonky vintage style. Buy French wine crates here.


Domestic Bliss

Source: via Christy on Pinterest

Domestic Bliss:

Simple Ways to Add Style to Your Life

This contemporary guide to achieving alpha status in all things home and hosting appeared a few years back and remains the leader in it’s field. Think of it as your chic and bossy elder sister encouraging you to make good on all your good intentions. Or if all else fails use it as a rather pretty coaster.


Wildflower Patch

Sow some wildflowers.

Got a bare patch in the garden you don’t know what to do? Wildflower seed mixes are everywhere, even the supermarket. Give ground a weed, a quick rake and water and then scatter the seed. Low investment/high return gardening. Works equally well in large containers.