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Behind the Scenes

#SmallBizSatUK What’s So Great About Big?

Being small can lead to an inferiority complex – particularly for men. Not us though….we love small and we love independent.


Small Business Saturday is coming up – Saturday 3rd December.


The initiative has been running for a few years and the idea is to encourage spending in small businesses. So far it’s been pretty successful. Last year’s campaign claims a 24% uplift in spending in small businesses.


Not bad. It’s certainly got us thinking about how to encourage spending in our small businesses. And the small business in our community.


We know all the worthy reasons, such as £10 spent locally translates into £50 back into the local economy. Or a healthy mix of independent retailers and business makes for a more interesting village, town or city. A better place to live.


These are the messages we hear most. And A Hume believe them fervently. We just think there’s a danger we’re underselling our local businesses by leading the charge with an appeal to the public’s social conscience?


Let’s not forget the skills, quality and advantages of being small. Of being local. Of knowing our customers. And gaining their trust. Valuing their loyalty and rewarding it.


Let’s not forget all the things we do better.


Skills and Quality


Small businesses produce goods of a higher quality because they’re better at preserving the skills particular to their professions and trades. Think butchers, bakers, joiners – all the people you buy from at your local farmers’ market.


The mills of the Scottish Borders are the perfect example for us. Small independent, often family owned businesses such as William Lockie & Co. the local mill in Hawick that makes our knitwear.


Trading since 1874, the skills and knowledge within the business have been passed down the generations and the result is a product of the very highest quality. Far better than anything mass-manufactured that you’d find on the High Street. Though interestingly there’s probably not much difference on price.


Customer Service


Without doubt smaller business have closer relationships with their customers. They are more likely to listen to them. Value them and work hard to go the extra mile.


A Hume might have a big online presence but behind that virtual interface we are a company made up of real people with real commitment to you, our very real customers. We never lose sight of this. If you pick up the phone, use the online live chat, email or come into the shop you get the same personal level of service.


Ask us to measure a shirt length. Take up your trousers. Or put together an outfit for you. Even ask us what you should buy your wife for Christmas! We’ll happily help. No cost.


Trust and Value


We published a post recently regarding our views on Black Friday. In response to the pressures on small businesses to mirror the discounting seen in recent years on the high street.


Primarily A Hume took the decision not to discount outside of the traditional sales periods because we felt it undermined the trust between us and our customers. It’s important to us that all our sales practices are fair and that are our prices are based on the value of the product.


Being small and family run allows us to make these decisions. Our direction is not determined by board members whose bonuses are linked to short-term profitability.


Last word…


So this Small Business Saturday, please go out, spend freely in small businesses. Yes, because it helps make your community a better place but also because as a consumer it’s wise choice if you want good quality, great service and value for money. All from businesses you can trust.



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