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Ten Style Predictions for 2016

A slightly whimsical, tongue-in-cheek and entirely subjective look at the style preoccupations of 2016.



1. The Tweed-in-the-City trend strengthens as more and more urban men and women of all ages take tweed and make it their own. The individuality and stylish are fun and inspiration for all.


2. The popularity of our cuter than cute A Hume Fox and Raccoon Fur Pom Pom Hats will continue until winter passes and the weather warms – we’re thinking sometime around July.


A Hume Pom Pom Hats


3. As we keep hearing El Nino promises more nasty weather-shaped surprises for 2016 so we predict feet will spend above average time in wellies. Best invest in a decent pair – might we suggest Le Chameau.


4. The new Windsor Bag by Fairfax & Favor is set to become the ‘It’ bag of 2016. Already swinging from glamorous arms in stylish enclaves of the UK. Bag one before word spreads.


5. If you do a lot travelling our top travel tip for 2016 is Miles the Duffle bag. Cult bag makers, Millican have taken this iconic kitbag and given it a serious makeover for the 21st Lightweight with laptop sleeves and multiple design features, it’s smart enough for work travel, cool and clever.


Brax Jim trousers


6. The line on men’s trousers goes long and lean. A trend perfectly expressed by these neat cotton trousers by Brax.


7. More and more women will learn the name Anna Lascata as this daisy fresh brand continues to re-invent the classics for stylish and discerning country ladies.


8. Ascot Pocket hankies are experiencing a comeback. Go for complimentary or contrasting combinations rather than matching handkerchief and tie.


Dubarry Fedora


9. Time was that the baseball cap was the ubiquitous summer hat. Things look like smartening up as more men adopt light weight Fedoras and Panamas. Like beards this trend is led by hippsters but is catching on with all men.


10. Ankle grazers have been around a while but it’s not always an easy trend to pull off. The clever cut of Amazing Woman jeans eliminates the ‘shortening’ effect with it’s smooth, mid-rise fit.



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