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A Hume’s Men’s Jeans Fit Guide


We all need country clothing that works just as hard as us, which is why jeans have been a steady staple of country fashion for decades. Invented in 1873, they combine denim and dungaree cloth for a sturdy pair of bottoms that can take the punishment of the daily country life while keeping you effortlessly stylish. Nowadays it can be confusing looking for your perfect fit, especially with so many different styles available (20+ last time we counted!). Here is a guide to some styles of jeans and how they can complement your country style.


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How Classic Straight Cut Jeans Should Fit


So first up let’s introduce the Classic Straight Cut, also known as Regular. These are the everyman of the jean’s world. As the name suggest the Classic Straight Fit follows a straight cut through hips, thighs, and calves. This is a style that suits everyone and is a popular choice for country lovers who need jeans that will get the job done (and look good doing it).



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How Slim Fit Jeans Should Fit


Not to be confused with skinny jeans, slim fit jeans follow your silhouette more closely (in comparison to a pair of straight cuts) to give contour to the shape of your outfit. In this style of jean you still have a lot of mobility (skinny jeans hinder movement too much to suit our country needs) while giving stylish structure to your outfit overall.



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How Jeans with A Tapered Leg Should Fit


Jeans with a tapered leg are designed to give the illusion of longer legs by having the fit narrow down the trouser leg. The top is usually a regular fit so that it comfortable to wear and it narrows its shape from thigh to ankle for a stylish silhouette. They pair perfectly with a pair of your favourite boots (we personally suggest an R.M. Williams, Barbour, or Blundstone boot).



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