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The A Hume Guide to the Perfect Picnic

Last Updated on June 6, 2022 by Rachel Thomson


Look out the travelling rug, dust down your picnic baskets and clean out the flasks, it is almost National Picnic Week in the UK and there is no better time to come together for this great tradition. Picnics have been enjoyed for a long time, the French were the first to picnic, as they opened their royal parks to the public after the revolution in 1789. Today, the picnic is still extremely popular, with the average person “picnicking” more than 3 times a year and picnic food being viewed as the most important aspect, up until recently the most popular picnic snack was the humble cheese sandwich.


A simple, yet enjoyable experience, the A Hume Guide to the Perfect Picnic will ensure you have the best picnic possible.


Pick the perfect spot

This might seem like obvious advice but don’t be caught out by soggy, uneven ground, difficult or restricted access. Look for somewhere you know is private, idyllic, with some shade or coverage from sun or rain and lots of space for a good old game of rounders. Be cautious of farmland and livestock when choosing your location and be considerate of other’s property and land.

Top Tip: Take some bug repellent to spray around your picnic area keeping them away from you and your food!


Pack Well

Whilst the classic wicker picnic basket might look the nicest, it is not the most practical. Ensure your food and drink is well sealed, so no spillage can happen. Squashed, soggy sandwiches are not the most appealing, so why not take your bread and a choice of fillings and make your sandwiches up when you get there. A cool box is also a good idea to keep your food fresh and to avoid any melting, however cool boxes can be heavy and clunky to carry, why not freeze some water bottles and put them in with your picnic, not only will they keep your food and drink cool you can then use the water once it has melted.


Don’t let the ground dampen your day

Never underestimate the value of a good travelling rug, in particular one with a waterproof lining. If you don’t have a waterproof one place a shower curtain or a tarpaulin sheet under your blanket so the damp ground won’t be an issue. For extra comfort take some cushions or a good old-fashioned deck chair.



Top Tip: If the weather is getting in the way or your picnic plans why not create an indoor picnic.

Utilise utensils

Pack plates, bowls, glasses and cutlery from home, not only are they sturdier and easier to use, you will minimise waste and single use plastics. Put in a serving/chopping board to use as a base for your snacks and drinks, to avoid any chance of them tumbling over. Mason jars are great for drinks, you can seal them when you aren’t drinking, it will help you avoid flies and bugs.

Top Tips: A muffin tray is a great way to hold your drinks so they don’t spill.


Have fun

There are lots of activities you can enjoy when having a picnic, get active with a game of cricket or football, make the most of the outdoor breeze with a kite or frisbee, or relax with a game of cards or a good book.

Clean up after yourself

A picnic can be a lot of fun, but make sure that you clean up properly after yourself. Remember a waste bag for all your rubbish and don’t leave any food waste. Your picnic spot should look as if you were never there when you leave.

Top Tips: Kitchen roll and wipes are always very useful to help clean up.


We hope you found this guide useful and are looking forward to embracing and spending some quality time outdoors (or in) enjoying a good old-fashioned picnic. If you liked this post please use the social buttons to ‘like’ and ‘share’ this post. Thank you.