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A Hume’s Style Guide: How to Wear a Belt

Pictured: Mackenzie & George Drayton Feather Belt


Belts figuratively (and quite literally) keep our outfits together, providing that finishing touch that either makes a statement or compliments our country look. Whether a gentleman looking for a belt that will keep your suit trousers in place during the business day or a lady wanting a stylish waist-cincher to shape your dress, there is a belt for every country lover.


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Measuring a Belt for Perfect Fit

Regardless of occasion, smart or casual, a belt should always be fitted to the middle hole. The standard method for measuring belts is from buckle to the middle hole.


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Styling a Belt for Smart, Formal or Business Events

When choosing a belt to wear with tailored trousers, or a suit, less is more. Stick to plain, simple classic styles in black, or brown leather (can also go with a classy charcoal grey). Match your belt and shoes, briefcase or leather accessories, and watch strap too if you can (extra style points for matching belt buckle finish with your watch).


Styling a Belt with Tweed

If you’ve ever wondered what belt to wear with tweed, the sound advice is that the belt dress code with tweed is similar to that for formal dress. A black belt is suited to blue and grey Donegal tweeds, a brown belt works better with mossy greens. Stick to plain, simple classic styles in black, or brown leather. Never wear a patent leather belt with tweed and match your belt with your shoes. Avoid too much colour or elaborate patterns as this may clash with the Tweed.


Belts for Casual Style

Wearing a belt casually means you can have fun with colours and patterns with no need to match your belt with your shoes. Logo belts and big buckles make a bold statement, and belts with texture can add dimension to your outfit.


Men’s Belt’s to Start Your Collection

From Top Left: RM Williams Drover 1.5 “ Anniversary Belt, Pampeano Roca 1.5 “ Polo Belt, Dubarry Plain Leather  1.5 ‘’ Belt, Pampeano Igualdad 1.5’’ Polo Belt, RM Williams Drover 1.5’’ Belt.


Ladies Belts to Start Your Collection

From Top Left: Mackenzie & George Drayton Feather Belt, Pampeano Rosa 1.5 ‘’ Polo Belt, Fairfax and Favor Sennowe Belt, Fioriblu Papavero Belt, RM Williams Drover 1 ‘’ Belt.


More FAQ’s about Wearing a Belt


Should you wear it with a waistcoat?

If your waistcoat is being worn as part of a suit or with trousers for formal wear, it is best not to wear a statement belt to distract from the rest of the outfit. Make sure it compliments shoes and other leather accessories.


Should you wear it with braces?

Braces and belts do the same job, so we recommend wearing either one or the other in an outfit.


Should you wear it with a sweater?

A lady can wear a belt to give defined shape to her waist when wearing a sweater or chunky knitwear.


With a good belt you can take on any adventure that the countryside throws at you (nothing worse than chasing after your dog while trying to hold up your trousers), and your money won’t be waisted when investing in these staple pieces for your wardrobe.