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Top Reasons to Buy Schöffel

Last Updated on February 2, 2022 by Rachel Thomson

Schoffel a Technically Perfect German brand, now with a British Country Twist

Schöffel was founded in 1804, in Bavaria, Germany. It is still to this day run by the Schöffel family, with the 6th generation, Peter Schöffel now at the helm. There is something very honest about a family run business, there is a heart that beats for more than financial success, there are traditions and values to uphold and the fact that Schöffel is still within the Schöffel family is paramount to their success.

Is Schoffel a good brand? Simply put, yes. And here is why…

A Longstanding History

Schöffel has over 200 years of experience in their game and is one of the oldest family businesses still in existence in Bavaria, Germany. They have survived world wars, recessions and the incoming of global brands, which today means something. It means the foundations of their business and their values are strong and that is why they are still leading in their sector today.

Georg Schöffel started his business producing stockings. The business saw its first growth when Georg’s son Josef returned from war and was awarded financially, which he invested into the production of the stockings. After the second world war, the business fell into the hands of Hubert Schöffel, after his elder brother Ludwig died at war. Hubert had bright ideas and commissioned a brand-new clothing store to be built. The store was successfully opened in 1960 and was managed by Hubert’s wife Lydia. But this was not his only successful venture, in 1961 he acquired a lederhosen factory in Schwabmünchen and they begin to produce men’s and children’s trousers, which became their most second popular product at that time. In 1967, Hubert made the decision to invest in a new factory, which the objective of producing technical sportswear. The decision proved to be the right move and by 1975 Schöffel had made a name for themselves as the market leader in breeches, coats, and hiking clothing.

At the end of the 1970s new technical fabrics were making their way into the market, with one of them being GORE-TEX®, a waterproof membrane. Initially GORE-TEX® raised quality concerns with customers and manufacturers and many chose not to use it, but Schöffel and GORE-TEX® had the same vision and they worked together to get it right. Without an order in the book, Schöffel committed to 24,000 coats using GORE-TEX®, a punchy move, but their gamble paid off, sales were strong, and some styles even sold out. This began the very strong relationship between Schöffel and GORE-TEX®.

In 1986 Peter Schöffel joined the company, taking over management in the 1990s and today Schöffel is a leading manufacturer of technically perfect ski and outdoor clothing.

In-depth Knowledge of The British Countryside

Schöffel Country was founded in Oakham, Rutland and is owned by the Schöffel family in Bavaria. The combination of the Schöffel family’s knowledge and passion for manufacturing quality products and the British office’s understanding of the country way of life resulted in a product that is technically constructed with British countryside heritage and flair. All of the Schöffel Country products are designed in the UK and because of their in-depth knowledge of the country life, field sports and other country pursuits, Schöffel Country has become the go to brand for country clothing.

Sustainability – It is an approach to life

Schöffel does not view sustainability as a trend but long-term commitment that is constantly being worked at. They are aware of the impact they have on society and the environment.


The majority of Schöffel’s technical wear and components now comes from Asia, due to their technical expertise in high-quality textiles. Schöffel currently works with production partners in Europe, Asia, and Africa. With any apparel that is made by a production partner, measures must be taken to ensure fair working environments.

Fair Wear Foundation

Since 2011, Schöffel has been member of the Fair Wear Foundation and is consistently working to guarantee fair working conditions with their production partners. In 2020, for the seventh year in a row Schöffel achieved Leader Status, which means they are committed and care about the welfare of the workers in their production partners and confirms that they are continuously working to achieve this outcome.

Environmental Management and Resource Conservation

PFCs are chemically produced, not biodegradable and can harm the environment but are typically used in products that are required to be weatherproof. Much of the Schöffel collection is free from PFC and those products with GORE-TEX® are PFCEC-free (PFC environmental concern free).

Since 2019, Schöffel have been using 100% climate-neutral green gas at their Schwabmünchen location. Their aim is to have 95% of their globally produced textiles to be sent to Germany via sea or rail. In 2020 the proportion of rail transport increased to over 40% on 2019, this saved more than 150 tons of CO2.

Sustainable Materials

Schöffel only use faux, synthetic furs, which do not contain any animal traces and are part of the Fur Free Retailer Programme. The wool used in their products is mulesing free (mulesing is a process where the skin around the tail is removed in attempts to control flystrike, it is a painful procedure for the sheep and can have long-term repercussions). The down used in their coats come from sources which do not engage in live-plucking or force feeding and are committed to the Responsible Down Standard (RDS).

A Commitment to Supporting the Countryside

Schöffel are committed to enhancing and protecting the countryside. Through various charities they have raised funds for The Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust and The Atlantic Salmon Trust. Both charities carry out vital work to safeguard the habitats and increase the populations of different wildlife.

Quality Fabrics and Technically, Innovative Manufacturing

Schöffel are renowned for producing high performing and reliable apparel. Designed specifically for those with country sporting pursuits but also those who generally enjoy the country life. They keep up to date with the latest materials and techniques so that they are consistently offering a product that it is top of the range. Marrying together traditional, country style with technically advanced weatherproofing techniques to produce the ultimate protection, range of movement and functionality for those spending quality time in the country.

Here are some of our favourite Schöffel products and Why

The Schöffel Fleece Collection

The Schöffel fleece collection which includes the Oakham Gilet, Lyndon Gilet, Berkeley and Tilton ¼ Zips and Burley and Cottesmore Jackets boasts some of A·Hume’s most popular products. The fleece is manufactured in Italy by Pontetorto, using Technostretch to produce a smooth fitting garment that has a little stretch for ultimate comfort. The fleece is 100% Polyester and is ideal for maintaining body temperature, wicking moisture away from the body so you stay dry and comfortable and is warm and light, providing much more warmth than heavier fabrics. The knitting structure is abrasion resistant and because of this the fleece pills less. The fleece is then constructed in Latvia, where the Alcantara trims and YYK zips are added. The design of the fleece is executed perfectly, and you can tell a lot of thought has been given as to who and how it will be worn. It has two external security zip pockets and an adjustable drawcord hem which allows for a comfortable fit. All the fleece styles are multifunctional and are the ideal layering pieces, whether worn over a shirt for everyday wear or under a technical coat out on the field, the fleece and its construction is a go to piece for every occasion.

“Very lightweight. Great colour. Warm.” – Christopher Wood

The Ptarmigan Shooting Collection

Schöffel understand how important your time in the countryside is and that inferior clothing will not make the cut. The Ptarmigan shooting coat was the first product to be launched by the British Schöffel Country. They have made a commitment to producing the best fit, design and performing clothing available on the market. Their aim…to make your time spent in the countryside even better, and they do this by engineering the best clothing available on the market today for field sports. The tweed used in the Tweed Ptarmigan is spun in the Scottish Borders at Lovat Mill and is Teflon coated for waterproofness with a highly durable Gore-Tex Z-liner behind the tweed for extra weatherproofing. They believe they have produced “the most technically advanced and reliable shooting coat on the market today” in the Ptarmigan Pro Coat which features a GORE-TEX® Pro 3-layer laminate. GORE-TEX® features heavily in Schöffel’s Ptarmigan range, which is testament to the results in weatherproofing that GORE-TEX® produces. Schöffel also use Cordura in their shooting coats, which is a strong and durable fabric that doesn’t absorb moisture and is abrasion resistant, understanding the need for movement in our country activities, Cordura will not wear with excessive movement. Schöffel have also created their own weatherproof technology, Venturi, which is a closed waterproof membrane so no water or wind can get through. All of these technical fabrics mentioned feature in the Ptarmigan collection.

Excellent quality and true fit to size. So very pleased the jacket, great material, colour and attention to detail. – Anonymous

Once again it is in the attention to detail where Schöffel stands out. From their sporting cut, to the lightweight, durability of their products it is clear to see that designing their products has been a long thoughtful process and ultimately, they truly care about the person wearing it.

Did you Know: That Schöffel offers a repair service so you can extend the life of your loved Schöffel items.

The best that country clothing has to offer

So simply put, yes Schöffel is a good brand. It is a brand that is committed to its roots and values. It is a brand that cares. Cares about their workers, their production partners and cares about the environment and the impact they leave behind. But ultimately, they care most about their customers and do everything they possibly can to offer a product that has been thoughtfully crafted from the best fabrics, using the latest innovative technology but not compromising on traditional country style to ensure that you can spend time outdoors in the country, doing the things that you love and looking bloody good whilst doing it. It’s not a good brand, it’s a great brand.

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