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Top Reasons To Own a Pair of Meindl Walking Boots

We are getting straight to it: Here are the top reasons why Meindl are a great European brand and why you should own a pair of Meindl walking boots.

1. They have been making the best boots for over 300 years

Meindl is an 11th generation family run brand, based in Kirchanschöring. Which is located near the Southeast of Munich, Bavaria, Germany and where they still remain to this day. Established in 1683, they have always been makers of the finest shoes and boots and are world-renowned for producing specially constructed footwear for walking and adventure.

The Meindl HQ in Bavaria.

2. They have reached the highest heights…literally

Meindl boots have been trusted by many, from the day-to-day walking of the dog to an expedition to Everest. It is a testament to the quality of the boots and the brand that the mountaineers and explorers have put so much faith in their boots to help them achieve greatness.

3. They still produce in Germany, Europe and further afield

There are not many boot factories remaining in Germany, however Meindl are one. With over 200 skilled employees that take on the 200 steps required to produce a high-quality Meindl boot. It must be noted that not all Meindl footwear is produced in Germany, but also Hungary, Slovenia, Italy and Vietnam. They have used the same factory in Vietnam for 15 years and have a strong relationship with them, working very closely on all aspects of production. The synthetic footwear is produced in Vietnam and all leather boots are made in Europe. From their various factories, Meindl currently produce more than 1 million pairs of boots and shoes annually.

Construction of a leather Meindl boot in their factory in Germany.

4. The expert construction and innovative materials resulting in comfortable, waterproof boots.

Meindl boots are made from 3 pieces, this allows the manufacturers to angle it better for a comfort fit. They use a double stitched method that maintains product quality and stability. Their nubuck leather is essentially fully grain leather with the top surface taken off to give an appealingly smooth and even appearance and a more breathable boot. The synthetic material they use in their fabric boots and shoes is Cordura, similar to backpack material. The sole is bound into the unit, which also enhances the waterproofness of the boot/shoe. Many of the Meindl boots and shoes have an air active system, this uses a footbed that’s composition is similar to babies’ nappies, it draws moisture away from the foot, transfers it to the sides and moves to the breathable area at the top of the boots where the moisture escapes, keeping your feet comfortable and dry. In 1982 Meindl introduced Gore-Tex® technology to their boots ensuring that the current Meindl boot and shoe range are waterproof. They are fully Gore-Tex® lined, and the leather uppers are hydrophobically tanned so that water beads off the leather and it doesn’t absorb. The company Gore are based in Germany and visit the Meindl factory every three weeks to ensure development and innovation, as the two companies work together in a very close capacity. In 2002, Meindl enhanced their memory foam system further for superior comfort and fit.

5. Meindl 2-year guarantee

Meindl offer a 2-year guarantee with their footwear, however in our experience if the boot or shoe is out with this period and they find a genuine manufacturing fault, they are willing to repair beyond this period. It must be noted that, subject to the guarantee being honoured the boots and shoes must be cared for.

Sole construction of a Meindl boot.

6. Commitment to Sustainability

All of the leather Meindl boots and shoes can be resoled and repaired to make the boot last longer. The repair of the boot happens in Germany. When possible Meindl use recycled materials but without reducing quality, the leather offcuts being recycled and fed back into the production process. All materials are processed without the use of harmful PFCs in leather, laces and sewing threads. The close relationship they have with their suppliers means they can work together to further enhance sustainability. They run their production as efficiently as possible and do their utmost to protect the immediate environment with air purification systems, energy efficient lighting systems and using renewable energy sources from the local region. The care products used to treat their shoes and boots are water based, PFC-free and contain no greenhouse gases. They transport their goods on the shortest routes possible and ensure trucks are fully loaded.

7. They care about their employees

At Meindl, they are very concerned about their employees and look after them very well, from health care to pension benefits. They also work to safeguard their skilled workforce, by continuously offering training and development within their current staff. They are aware of the responsibility they have to safeguard jobs in their local area.

8. They support their community and beyond

Meindl support individuals in Germany who have fallen on hard times through no fault of their own through the Alfons Meindl Social Foundation, which was set up in 2006. They also support the rangers of the Hohe Tauern and Berchtesgaden National Parks with equipment and have a commitment to supporting the local nature conservation and landscape management.

9. Meindl use eco-friendly packaging

With a philosophy like “as little as possible, as much as necessary” it is no surprise that Meindl shoe boxes are FSC certified and are composed of 80% recycled materials. Packaging is reused when possible and then recycled. They use size-specific packaging sizes for optimal utilisation during transport.

10. Fits for all shapes and sizes

Meindl boots suit British feet because they are generally a broader fit. They do offer a ComfortFit which is broader again than standard fit and accommodates a wider foot. The ComfortFit boots remain narrower at the heel so it can comfortably grip the heel and therefore creating width in the foot as opposed to volume.

11. A boot for all recreational activities

In 1975, Meindl introduced a grading system, consisting of categories A – D and are based on the terrain type that the boot will be suitable for. It is important you have the right boots for what you are looking for. See our Meindl Boot Guide to find the right boot for you.

A – Light walking – multifunctional for leisure, outdoor activities and everyday use on good roads and parks.

A/B – Hiking – Introductory boot for walking and trekking on maintained paths.

B – Trekking Classic – For lengthy walks on gentle alpine landscapes.

B/C – Trekking – For rough paths, trails and boulders.

C – Alpine boot – High mountains, glaciers, pathless.

D – Ultimate alpine boot – Ice climbing, extreme climbing.

Why we and our customers love Meindl

Meindl is a great brand, and one that we are proud to offer here at A·Hume. We know that when our customers are buying a pair of Meindl boots they are investing in comfortable, waterproof footwear that will support their desired activities, but more importantly, it allows you to explore, adventure and reap the benefits of time spent outdoors.

“Purchased a pair of Meindl Dovre Pro GTX boots for my husband’s Birthday present. The boots are a huge success. They are perfect for people who work outdoors or walk over rough terrain, in all weathers.” – Denise Greenham

“Comfy, stylish and dry feet. Typical build quality from Meindl. I chose them because both pairs of Meindl walking boots that I own are nearly 6 years old and going strong. Two Previously bought French made pairs fell apart after 3 years. The Meindl quality makes them worth every penny.” – Mark

“Very comfortable, waterproof goretex, sturdy hiking shoes.” – Niamh Tobin

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