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Walking your Dog in the Countryside

Our Top Tips When Taking Your Best Friend Outdoors



Planning the Journey

For the countryside lover, walking the dog is never a chore, it is an endless opportunity to explore new and exciting places that you and your dogs will love. The new smells, muddy puddles and fleeting wildlife is as therapeutic for us as much as it is for our four-legged friends.

When considering where to explore you should account for your dogs breed and age, as this can affect the length of walk and the places they will be able to enjoy with you, also make sure that your dog is chipped and has an identification tag before you go out walking.


Be Prepared: Things to Pack for the Journey  

You should always have a few essentials on hand (or at least in the boot of your car) when out for a countryside walk to make sure your canine stays happy and safe, including:

  • Bottle of water and travel bowl
  • Dog Lead and a spare
  • Bag of dog treats
  • Towel
  • Pet first aid Kit (Such as the Pawly first aid kit or the Relivet first aid kit for pets)
  • Dog Waste Bags


Giving Your Dog Mental and Physical Stimulation

Make sure that wherever you go that your dog has the time to stretch its legs, get rid of some excess energy and they also have many chances to sniff. Sniffing and exploring does wonders for their mental stimulation and help keep behavioural issues from forming. I remember someone telling me that you shouldn’t pull a dog on when they stop to sniff, apparently sniffing tires them out more than running about.


A Winter Coat for Your Dog

Some breeds of dog need a hand regulating their temperature, with age also affecting this heavily. At this time of year having a waterproof jacket for your pooch will help them keep warm and (mostly) dry.


Tip: If you are looking something waterproof and durable we have a Barbour Dog Coat that will keep your best friend warm and stylish.


Having a Dog Leash that Suits Your Dog

If you are training a puppy or have a more senior dog, a leather lead will be ideal for them to walk alongside you. If you have a dog that due to breed or training cannot be off lead, an extendable lead will help them enjoy the countryside while staying safe. Some dog breeds have delicate necks, so a harness will be more suitable to keep them happy on their walk.


Tip: Some stylish leather Pampeano collars and leads is a perfect gift for a pooch that loves a countryside walk…


Training Your Dog to Return

If your dog is off lead and exploring, make sure they know a command to return to you. Our companions can get overly excited out on a walk if they spot something or want to run far. Training them to return means you can make sure they stay safe. In forests you must be especially vigilant as your voice will bounce off trees and on windy days it will be carried away, so make sure to keep your dog close by.


Being Wary of Other Dogs

Meeting other dog owners on a walk is great for your dog to practice their social skills. However always have your dog return to you and stay in control, even if you know the other dog, they may react differently depending on the situation. If another dog is barking and trying to instigate a reaction from your dog, have a treat handy to keep your dog’s attention until you get passed.


Watching Out for Livestock and Wildlife

While out in the country there are animals that you should be wary of encountering. Dogs are not allowed to chase or distress livestock so whenever you must be near them, keep your dog on a tight leash, the same applies when encountering local wildlife such as badgers and foxes. In addition, picking up your dog’s dirt to keep the local environment clean, because we can all agree that there is nothing worse than stepping on some when trying to have a relaxing countryside walk.



Taking care of Your Dog after a Walk

When you have both enjoyed your walk and it’s time to go home, you must make sure to:

  • Towel dry your dog and if muddy wash them
  • Warm them up or cool them down depending on the season
  • Check your dog over for thorns, injuries and ticks
  • Make sure they are hydrated and fed.


We hope you enjoyed reading our guide, if you have any other tips you would like to share contact us on social media, or better yet make a post using #AHumeTakeMeHome for us to see!