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What country folk can teach us about fashion


When you think of fashion you immediately think of famous fashion houses and models strutting the catwalks in the likes of New York, Milan and Paris, us country folk don’t typically spring to mind. However, a recent article, “Sheep to Chic” by Edwina Ings-Chambers described country dwellers as savvy shoppers when it comes to their fashion. Shirking away from seasonal products and fast fashion, the country folk know what really matters when it comes to choosing style and substance.


Invest in the best

In the UK alone the estimated value of unused clothes hanging in wardrobes is £30 billion. Investing in practical clothing that you know you will get good wear and use out of is a far more environmentally friendly approach. No country wardrobe is complete without a sturdy and reliable Barbour waxed jacket. You will get so much wear out of it and with our good old British weather you’ll probably find it won’t need to be put away in the coat cupboard too often.

A Barbour waxed jacket – a staple piece in any country wardrobe.

Style that lasts

Country brands are built to last, expertly manufactured to ensure a high-quality product that lasts a lifetime. Lots of our manufacturers encourage this and offer repair services to extend the lifespan of their clothing and footwear. RM Williams are proud of their long-lasting boots and go above and beyond to ensure that they meet your expectations by offering a fantastic repair service.

A first class service – The RM Williams repair service ensures you can keep your boots in top condition.


The older the better

The more worn and beat up your country wardrobe looks the better, adding to the character and the story of where they have been and the life they have had. There is a sense of achievement with every hand-me-down from generation to generation, wearing them proudly like a badge of honour. Dubarry boots are timeless, a boot for all ages, that are practical and if well looked after, will satisfyingly grow old with you.

Style that lasts – Dubarry boots are renowned for standing the test of time.

Built for purpose

Practical and functional are key features desired by country folk when looking for that new addition to their wardrobe. Will it keep me warm? Dry? Is it the best? A Schöffel Gilet is hard-working and versatile, which is why you’ll want one in every colour.

The go-to gilet – A Schöffel Gilet is the perfect versatile piece.

Us country folk take great pride in finding that piece for our wardrobe that is not only built to last but looks good. We enthuse over brands that have quality at the core, are hard wearing and will safely see us through whatever life throws at us.


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