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What to Wear to the Cheltenham Festival


The secret of Cheltenham Festival chic is to keep things simple. A strong tailored silhouette softened with texture, colour, and clever accessories that exude personality and style.


Statement Coats, Tweedy Tailoring & Layers of Luxury Knitwear


Dressing for National Hunt gatherings is a much more understated affair than it is for summer flat racing. Without doubt, the best-dressed ladies on Ladies Day are those who resist the temptation of an out-of-season frock.

It can be bitterly cold, just imagine how miserable you’d be? Especially when you overhear people saying ‘Nice dress, but she must be absolutely freezing.’

Cast an appraising eye over any chilly season race meeting and you’ll soon spot the chic country set in their statement coats, sharp tweedy tailoring and layers of luxury knitwear.

Be Warm, Be Beautiful and Be Bold

If you think this all sounds a bit humdrum and lacking in fashion potential then you’re wrong! I know the customer is always right and we’re straying into Ratner territory here but there are so many tricks of the trade that will raise your race day game and catapult you in the best dressed stakes.

Here’s how:

Add Custom Touches To Your Hat

Choose a tailored coat that makes a strong statement. Beneath this swaddle yourself in layers of cashmere, lambswool or merino. 100% wool is infinitely warmer than synthetics. Pair with a warm, mid-calf skirt that makes a generous swooshing shape when you walk, elegant ankle boots and….the coup de grace….customise an off the peg hat with silk flowers bought from your local florist.

Belt Detail

Use a wide belt to add definition and lend individuality to a tweed jacket. Deploy textures, print and colour to tie the look together and accessorise liberally with glamorous finishes. There is nothing quite like a fur/suede combo to make you feel luxe and lovely on race day.

Hat and Wool Layers

If sharp tailoring just isn’t your thing then play fast and loose with big free-floating shapes. Create interest with layers of luxury knitwear, capes and fur collars. Give your outfit some structure in the form of a bold hat and enjoy playing against the rules but still winning.


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