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What to Wear to the Race – Men’s

Race Day Dressing


In previous posts we’ve covered the rules of the game but we reckon it’s totally within the grasp of all men to up their sartorial game and in this post we tackle togging up for the Races.


There are a few ways to go but essentially a day at the races is about looking smart whilst working and re-working a variety of classic British looks to fit your own taste and appetite for dash and sartorial derring-do.




A tweed suit is advanced country gent dressing. The choice of seasoned race goers. Alpha males are easily identifiable by the quality of their tweed threads and spotting them in the paddock is almost a sport in itself.


tweed suit

Brook Taverner Tweed Suit

However, a moment’s pause before you press ‘add to basket’ on the enviable Brook Taverner suit – not that we really want to stop you. In fact we make a number of bespoke tweed suits for discerning gentlemen, they are the ultimate in well-dressed. But if you’re a recent convert to the tweed vibe, then maybe you’ll just want to dip a toe, or torso, in the tweedy waters.


You don’t want to look like you’ve just walked out the fitting room. Buying wholesale into a new look is tricky to pull off. Instead mix tweed separates with more contemporary pieces for a truly modern look.


Keep accessories clean and simple, and let the textures and the layers do the talking.


tweed looks



A Clean Canvas


Keep it neutral and classic, adding touches of pattern and colour with well-chosen accessories. Stick to a crisp, pale shirt, though take care to steer clear of pastels – they just don’t pack the formal ‘dressed up’ punch required for race day.


clean canvas lead img


Choose a rich contrasting tie. A pocket square or scarf lends a wonderful vintage feel, a sort of Jeremy Irons aristo/boho twist. But don’t overdo it, too many matchy matchy pocket squares, scarves and ties and you begin to look overdone. Keep it understated and think mixing not matching.


clean canvas looks


Trail Blazer


No man should be without a blazer, it is perhaps the most versatile garment in a man’s wardrobe and there’s a lot more to it than the ‘old school tie’ look would suggest.


blazer lead image


Counter the uniform connotations of the blazer by wearing it with a contrasting waistcoat, neatly fitted chinos and some RM Williams boots. A plain knitted scarf softens the edges of this look and adds another layer of texture and interest.


Or for a cool, modern country look team a sharply tailored blazer with a bold butcher striped shirt and some statement accessories, a pair of bling cufflinks, or for the brave, perhaps a cravat – call it a scarf and it doesn’t seem so hard to wear. Then bring the whole look down by teaming with jeans, or chinos and a pair of classic Loake brogues.


blazer looks



If you’ve got a day at the races planned and you need help and inspiration. Please give us a call, or pop into the shop. We’re always happy to help and as always if you enjoyed this post please Like and Share using the social buttons.